Gender Dysphoria – For the Love of Our Children

Gender Dysphoria

When I was ten I began to read widely. Anything to take me away from everyday life, even if only into my head. I devoured books that offered a reality unlike my own. The Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs was a favourite. I was taken with the backdrop and the characters. I fell in love with the books but I did not fall in love with Tarzan. No, I wanted to be Tarzan.  Jane was OK but that sissy life was not for me! I had a ripe imagination and began to play-act being just like him in the woods with whatever friends I could persuade to join me. 

At home I immersed into a world inside my head and became him. I told mum about the new development. Researched all I could about Tarzan and the life he would have led if he was real. Luckily my mother was a slightly absent minded sort and would have replied with something like:

“that’s nice dear”, smiling down at me.

My brother called me a freak, beat me up and said,

“see, you’re just a silly girl.”

I was not swayed by either and the Tarzan scenario continued for some time. It emerged in my schoolwork and I was moved up to the top set for having a vivid imagination and excellent creative writing skills. 

Nowhere during this quite lengthy and involved phase in my childhood did anyone suggest I had such a thing as gender dysphoria. Nobody at home or school suggested I needed to see a doctor or counsellor. Those were the days when we were encouraged to have imaginations, thinking skills and left alone to simply be a child. Which was Just as well as within two years I had developed a huge crush on my brother’s friend. I spent much time making sure I had a dress on when he was at our house and wiggling my newly developing figure to try and attract his attention. I didn’t want to be Tarzan anymore, I wanted to be Marc’s girlfriend. For the next year, I put nearly as much effort into the new fantasy as I had into the old.

Years later, as a mother to my first child I fondly looked back on my Tarzan stage. She had a friend during her early years of primary school called Elliot. He adored dressing up with her and other little girls in their princess outfits. My daughter wasn’t at all fazed. She always made sure the outfit he liked best was available if he was round for his tea. Often his Mum would pick him up and -because it was easier- left with him still in the dress. I enjoyed my daughter’s friendship with Elliot. She had a bright imagination and needed friends who could match her desire for creative play. He did. His mother never displayed any concern over his clothing preference. The years passed by and our families lost contact. Then not too long ago my daughter was at a club. She returned excited to have seen Elliot there.

“How is he?” I inquired, “still wearing nicer dresses than you?”

“Not quite,” she replied.  “I found him with his face attached to Chloe’s- she’s his girlfriend.”

I was not at all surprised. Elliot had been left alone to be a child, just as I had. He grew out of his dress phase and grew into what he would always have become, without intervention. Of course, it is possible that he may have reached eighteen and decided he really wanted to be a girl. As an adult he could have then sought the necessary advice. But he didn’t, just as I hadn’t.

When boys insist they are really girls and girls insist they are really boys, an honest parent or teacher would consider a range of possibilities to determine what’s really happening. Deciding that a child “really is” the opposite sex shouldn’t even be on the list of options, let alone condemning him/her to a complicated, difficult life under permanent medical scrutiny. In my opinion that is comparable to child abuse.

For the love of all Elliots out there - leave the kids alone!

If you are a parent or guardian of a child or teenager this issue should worry you, as it has me. It seems to be increasingly common that Munchausen-type parents and politically correct teachers feel it is  OK in society now to steer  adolescents and young adults down the transgender path. Naive young people who are merely exploring their personalities and learning about the world are being catapulted into a weird reality...
For most young people who have feelings of apparent gender dysphoria, the experience is in fact temporary. An overview of the relevant research says:

Over the past six years there has been a 930% increase in the number of children referred to NHS gender clinics across the UK, including one three-year-old and three four-year-olds since April last year. Let me say that again a 930% increase!

Here are some clips from the BBC report
  • shows that the total number of 94 children referred in 2009-10 has increased to 969 in 2015-16.
  • a five-year-old Nottinghamshire boy has just returned to the classroom ‘as a girl’ with support from the school. They sent out letters to parents and children explaining the change. The liberal reaction of the adults around this case, as reported in the Nottingham Post, provides an insight into the reason why the number of children referred to gender clinics has increased so dramatically over the last six years.
  • Colin Pettigrew, the local council authority’s director for children, families and cultural services, said: “Transgender is a characteristic protected by law and therefore head teachers across England continue to, and are required to, agree a clear plan to support the needs of transgender, gender dysphoria, children and young people.”
I found this shocking. We cannot categorically predict that a child will be gay or lesbian. We also cannot know if a child will grow up to be transgender, but this is far less likely. The only protected characteristic we should insist on for children is ‘childhood.’

So called gender dysphoria at age three, would apply to a large number of little children who like dressing up and playing with toys which are arbitrarily designated for the opposite sex. We are told that it’s up to a child to decide whether they are a boy or a girl; told the ‘correct’ response is to do everything the child wants so to create a ‘very happy’ child, and warned that if we respond in the wrong way we will create a ‘real problem’ for the child. We must ‘talk about it’ rather than just allow the child to get on with exploring and discovering the world without being labelled. We are told that we should not ignore it because ‘it won’t go away’ when the overwhelming likelihood is that it will.

So, who is telling us how to behave with our own children? The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES). Their stated belief is that schools and local authorities have a big part to play in supporting those that are ‘going through the process’ and, to help them, they actually provide lesson plans to teach young children about transitioning. 

What about lessons in thinking for themselves, and letting the children do what they have done well for centuries – play? Play at being the opposite sex. Play at being animals in the jungle. Or at being mummies and daddies. Play at doctors and nurses. If a child starts acting like a tiger in a zoo are we to discuss with them the prospect of them becoming a large cat? Will we send letters home to the other parents letting them know that Ben now needs to be referred to as “tigger”? I don’t think so. If your child is in such a school where classes in transitioning are taught my advice would be to remove your them as fast as you can.

A child does not passively ‘go through the process;’ - affirming a child as the opposite sex and ensuring that everyone treats the child as such is the adults’ decision, not the child’s. Waiting until a child has reached intellectual maturity before making these sorts of decisions would make more sense. But this is an unpopular attitude, and professionals who support it are criticised. Not because science disproves it, but because it has now been regarded as insensitive. At odds with the current ideology and trend. The (GIRES) have stated that one of their key concerns is the indiscriminate requirement that all young people must be at least 16 years old before being offered “gender affirming medication”.  However, in some other countries, not the UK, children younger than 16 can be administered some type of hormone therapy. For goodness sake, you wouldn’t treat your dog in such a way.

I tend to approach the world with a “live and let live” perspective. I do not mind what a person’s opinions are or how they may view their sexuality or indeed their identity in life – if they are an adult and not harming anyone else. What really annoys me is when innocent, inventive children are being overly influenced by adults who do not have their best interests at heart. There is another agenda at play as far as these adults are concerned. It does not include letting the children play. Putting children under such scrutiny inhibits them from becoming the individuals that society needs.

 Checkout the GIRES

Sex is life – here at TMI Tuesday blog.

TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016

Sex is Life

sex is lifesex is life


Sex is Life

Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped?

I seem to have done that my whole life. When very young I didn’t consciously know that I was doing it, but the pattern continued as I got older. Once I realised exactly what was happening the habit had become too ingrained to change. I push buttons to get a response or just push the person away – testing to see how much they can endure. Generally, they came back for more. My current man isn’t so placid though and will not tolerate any nonsense from me – can lead to some mega arguments. Continue reading Sex is life – here at TMI Tuesday blog.

Love Emotion Trust – TMI Tuesday Confessional

Boobs Matter
Love Emotion Trust Matters

Love Emotion Trust on TMI Tuesday


1.What would you do to leave a great impression with a person on your first date?

It is so long since I had a first date – When I was younger it wasn’t so much wanting to leave a good impression but rather to get them under my spell if I liked them enough. I would dress to impress, but tailor that to what I anticipated they would want to see me wear. Apart from that I employed the transparent technique, being open and honest. Can be rare so it usually seemed to work.

2.Do you usually follow your heart or your head?

I am not a romantic but always follow my heart or gut instinct. As far as my brain is concerned love over comes all – can’t say it’s always been the right thing to do. In hindsight, I do wish I had occasionally engaged my head in my relationship decisions. Continue reading Love Emotion Trust – TMI Tuesday Confessional

Boobday action – November 25th 2016

Boobs Matter
Boobs Matter


Boobday 25th November 2016


Looking at pictures of boobs is a particular pleasure of mine. I don’t mind what size or shape but I must confess I do adore freckled breasts. I also particularly like breasts in various stages of undress – when you can see the outline of the boob, depicting its shape and the curve of the nipple. Breasts are indeed a wonderful creation.


I also enjoy the rationale behind breasts. They are multi-functional. Naturally they are involved in child rearing but beyond that they exude comfort. The warmth and softness they offer. Their yielding nature. Of course, they are sexy too. They look sexy. When a womans breasts are touched in a certain way she feels sexy, and just having them makes me feel sexy! Continue reading Boobday action – November 25th 2016

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself fighting hard to get a relationship off the ground? Is it because of the lack of emotional compatibility?

Emotional Compatibility Matters

Emotional compatibility is so important

Stimulation is so important within a relationship

Ok, have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself fighting hard to get a relationship off the ground? You are sure it has the makings of a meaningful partnership so you invest time, encouragement and most of all love in the person concerned. Your mind is set and any doubts that flutter past are waved away because you are convinced you are doing the right thing with the right person. And maybe for a short while you are, but what happens next confuses you because it is unexpected, it creeps up, slaps you in the face.

As even though in your heart you feel you love this man, you also know he is very lucky to have you loving him, because you believe in yourself and your capabilities. So, after a flying start – where affection and time are lavished on you – an empty vacuum opens up, you become bewildered as to why this could possibly happen. He still smiles at you in that way, wants to make love to you every night and checks your phone! Continue reading Emotional Compatibility Matters in a Long Term Relationship

Adult Photos – Be in the room with me

Adult photos


Photos matter

Adult Photos.

When I was young, about fifteen, a model agency sent me along to a photographer to have some photos taken for my portfolio. I was very naïve and didn’t take any one with me. After the genuine shoot the photographer persuaded me to lower my top, then my bra. All the while snapping away with his camera. He assured me that none of these prints would include my breasts – they were just head and collar bone shots. Young and trusting – I believed him.  A few years later I was found in one of the soft porn magazines that was popular at that time. I was horrified. Today I think back and chuckle at the teenage me. What if social media or the World wide Web had been around in those days? It could have been a lot worse.

Social Media

Nowadays I enjoy seeing photos of my breasts and body in general but I must confess that social media is not my strong point. I have a Twitter account associated with this blog which I do keep up to date. A short while ago I opened a face book account but have not got very far with it. I guess I am a little old fashioned with regards to making “friends” that I am probably never going to meet. However, I know my blog would probably benefit from an associated Instagram account and have that on my “to do “list.

New to my Blog

The pictures in my gallery need to be updated to include more relevant adult photos of me. My man and I have been working with a still camera and a video camera whilst doing what comes naturally to us. From the last session, we found both the adult photos and the short videos, very authentic and I have included the photos as part of this post. Eventually I will copy them into my gallery and perhaps even get around to opening an Instagram account!

p6 Continue reading Adult Photos – Be in the room with me

Virgin at 41 update – Robs story continues…

Virgin at 41 update, from Robs diary entries. Robs true story continues here. I know he would appreciate any comments or advice.


If you want to read the first post about him click here.

Virgin at 41 update

Dear diary,

That elusive shag has been right on my doorstep, under my nose for a good few months now. Right here in my village!

She latched onto me, whilst waiting for a Chinese a few months ago, couldn’t have been more blatant. I had just moved to the area, and I kinda wasn’t interested/ready, so grouchily I just batted her way.

I see her about now and again, sometimes blank her, sometimes stop and have awkward conversation, my body language closed, but her body language is very open, her eyes light up when she sees me. If I gave her even a modicum of encouragement she would be all over me like a cheap suit. Often I am driving down the road and see her out walking. I scotch down, head below the steering wheel like a headless driver, hoping she won’t see me.

Anyway, I was in my local shop tonight, and up she popped, I was a little less gruff, less awkward and she started talking. I wasn’t really listening but I offered her a lift to where ever she was going. She didn’t hesitate, nodding her head approvingly as loud, grungy, rock music roared from the stereo; although she was slightly unnerved by my aggressive driving. I dropped her off and she gave me her number straight off… guess it’s up to me now. Continue reading Virgin at 41 update – Robs story continues

Stable Relationship – Straw, Sex & Spanking

Sexual Expression Matters
A Stable Relationship Matters

A Stable Relationship.

What can you do to keep your relationship sparky and secure? The stability within my partnership was certainly enhanced when recently we added to our stable relationship  – literally…

I come in from the other room, look around and notice our two guests have disappeared.

“Are we alone?” I ask.

“Yeah, no stamina, they’ve gone for an afternoon nap.”

“How about sex?” I joke.

He leans down and before I realise what is happening he kisses me. I take a breath.

“Come on then,” he smiles.

“We can’t right here, they may get up.”

“How about the stable, they won’t find us there?”

I laugh, loving the eager look in his eyes.

“Come on then,” I am already heading for the door. Continue reading Stable Relationship – Straw, Sex & Spanking

Van Morrison – It’s All Right – Sex Matters


Sept 2016

Van Morrison has a way of singing that injects passion into your soul.  His song “It’s All Right” was one of the things that inspired me to put together this site. The song is real, the way he sings it is real. It makes me feel real

Van Morrison – It Matters to him

Van Morrison

The Lyrics

“It’s All Right”

If it matters how you do it,
And how you do it it’s your thing.
If it matters which way you go,
That’s your way to go.
And if you get it like that,
That’s the way you get it,
‘Cause you get it like that
When you want to be that way,
When you wanna be that way,
That’s the way you wanna be, see.
Hey! It’s all right.
Yeah, its all right.
Now that you try to do to me
Out there a-walkin’ doesn’t matter, baby
Ain’t no question, no suggestion
Nothin’ in my mind that can’t be
Shut out when I want it to be
Nothin’ in yours that can’t be kept in
When you open it up and lose it
And nothin’ you can’t let out
If it’s got to be let out, just let it out
And don’t worry which way it goes.
Now how can I tell you that I love you
How can I say so many words and so many syllables
In such a short space of time as this
Just turn it on and soak it in
And let it run off the walls
And let it down, keep it, and don’t lose it
Or confuse it
It’s just right there layin’ open
Completely open for everybody to see
Yeah, you got it.

Continue reading Van Morrison – It’s All Right – Sex Matters

Good Fucking – and other hard core delights

Good Fucking

A good fucking is what a girl like me needs. I thrive sexually on a lot of attention.  Thankfully my man understands this and delivers. Here is one of the many times I was hoping for a good fucking and got one…

Good fucking
Fucking Matters

Just when you think it can’t get much better, you can’t get much more into the groove – you do. You both do and you are left reeling at the good fortune that you manged to find someone so in touch with you, so aware of everything you do. Is it luck, fate or karma?

On holiday

So there we were on holiday in a south Mediterranean location without any date night clothes or indeed makeup except for red lipstick. I apply the said lipstick and dress in white lacy knickers and bra and a white shirt. We eat and drink our champagne, this time a bottle of the local sparkling dry white wine, which incidentally was extremely cheap and  of astounding  quality. Continue reading Good Fucking – and other hard core delights