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Bondage Alfresco Style. Collared and tied, oh what a ride.

Bondage Alfresco Style

Bondage Alfresco Style – He’s back. He lifts the skirt of my dress and sighs taking a moment to absorb my lace top stockings, suspender belt and appealing knickers. Then fastening my dress to my waist with a clip he reaches for the whip.

bondage alfresco style
Bondage Alfresco Style

Recreational Sex or Bondage Alfresco Style

Let’s rewind – I am getting ahead of myself. I want to talk about recreational sex. In this day and age people work extremely hard for most of the year- finding little leisure time. Their sex lives may suffer because of this. When time and tiredness are everyday issues sexual relations are often hurried and run of the mill –if they happen at all. Of course this not only means that the relationship with your significant other is put under strain, but your personal health and well being could be affected too. Studies have shown that close and satisfying sexual relationships contribute to your vigour.

With this in mind it is crucial to get totally away from the stresses and strains of modern living to recharge your batteries, touch base with your lover, and by so doing, boost your health and immunity.  There are many social dating networks ready to assist you in your search for sexual fulfilment. Or perhaps a holiday somewhere pastoral with a climate suitable for outdoor fun can be just what the doctor ordered. Last year my man and I were in such a location. One evening we chose to make the most of our environment.   Here’s how it happened…

Bondage Alfresco Style – Just What the Doctor Ordered

This time he picked out what I am wearing and I am sitting in front of him dining alfresco in the south west French country side, appreciating his choices for me. These garment set the mood beautifully and I certainly feel raw and naive dressed in my puritan outfit – a black dress that finds itself hugging my full breasts and is rounded off at the neck with a cute white collar. It nips in at the waist and then falls just at the knee. Underneath the garment, a different story is told that certainly belies any moral code.

We finish dinner and I sip my champagne, enjoying the surrounding vista. Green fields and trees stretch to the horizon. We sit beneath a trellis of vine leaves that entangle themselves to create a roof.

“Stand up” he commands.

I stand in my black court shoes and walk towards him. He slips a dog collar around my neck and tells me to position myself at the edge of the patio. I look up and see a hook with a chain hanging from it. He slips the chain through my dog collar and re-clips it onto the hook. I feel my breathing begin to quicken, perhaps heightened by the unfamiliar surroundings and open air setting.  

“Hands behind your back.”

I respond and he ties them at the wrists with twine. He looks at me and my heart beats faster. All week I have been in shorts, t shirt and flat shoes with my hair a mess and as usual not a scrap of make up on my face. Now I stand before him wearing heels, a dress, stockings and makeup; just enough for a good puritan girl. I can see he is feeling the scene as much as I am.

Collared and Tied – Now for the Ride

“Back in a minute.”

As I watch him walk away I quickly test out my boundaries  and walk forward one step. The collar pulls on my neck. That’s as far as I can go. I can see the sun setting beneath the trees and the candles on the table flickering even though the evening is incredibly still.

He’s back. He lifts the skirt of my dress and sighs taking a moment to absorb my lace top stockings, suspender belt and appealing knickers. Then fastening my dress to my waist with a clip he reaches for the whip.

He comes round and stands in front of me looking directly into my eyes. I take a moment to try and level my breathing as tonight it seems to be escalating faster than usual under these circumstances. He understands what I am doing and waits too, before steering the end of the whip to flick across the top of my legs with a delicious sting. I cry out, confident that we are remote enough for nobody to hear. Another lash lands against my protruding bum cheeks just before he yanks my knickers down.

I turn my head and glance over my shoulder. He picks up a scarf and ties it round my eyes so I cannot see. Blindfolded, I always feel more vulnerable, unable to use my vision to anticipate what will happen next. I suddenly feel a wine glass at my lips and eagerly gulp the champagne as he directs it into my mouth, deliberately letting some spill down my chin. I feel his lips on mine, his tongue searching and I respond.

On to the Main Course

All at once he is behind me kneeling, his tongue now seeking out my cunt and arse. I moan as it flicks over my clitoris. The moan turns into a shriek as he spanks my arse cheeks.

“You like that – dirty bitch”, he whispers in my ear.

His cock begins to intrude into my cunt. As a result  I feel the familiar caress of his knob as it pushes deeper into my slit. He begins to grind rhythmically as I pull forward and down to raise my arse into a more advantageous position. Consequently, I feel the collar around my neck tighten and pull as I reach the limit of my confines. I feel the erotic exhilaration that comes from the combination of intercourse and shortening of breath – a little dizzy, very relaxed and sexually animated.

He jerks his cock out of my pussy and I feel a moist finger entering my arse hole and loosening its tension. Finger out, his cock begins to slowly, eagerly take its place. I feel a slight stab as he pushes deeper and I cry out.

“Good girl.” He murmurs in my ear as he wraps himself round my body and leisurely pumps his cock forward and back.

Divine sensations overtake my body as his balls bounce on and off my pussy and his fingers find their way to my clitoris; all the while fucking my arse.  I am being completely “used”, and I love it.

Finally, I hear him begin to moan with satisfaction. He pulls out of my arse, puts one hand on my back and with his other, jacks his load onto my arse cheeks.

Bondage Alfresco Style Delivered

So what a great experience for both of us. Although I was too fired up with adrenalin and endorphins to climax after he had cum,  later that night, his head between my legs, I did just that.

Multiple Wet Dreams – did you ever?

Multiple Wet Dreams – what a delight

I felt extremely horny. The date with Ashley had left me feeling as hot as hell. He was very good looking with such a fit body. Yet when it came down to sex he just could not deliver.  Now alone in my bed I licked my fingers and put my hands between my legs. Finding my clitoris I began to rhythmically rub it – thrusting my pelvis upwards. I had him in my mind’s eye, the way he looked, but now he was passionately thrusting his cock into me while staring assiduously into my eyes. They were shut as I began to cum. Bloody hell it was such a relief. I needed it so badly. Then something strange happened – I kept rubbing to gently complete the orgasm when I felt my body go into a second climatic spasm! I rolled along with it, eventually becoming still on my bed, exhausted. Continue reading Multiple Wet Dreams – did you ever?