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Polyamorous Relationships ~ A moment in time or a lifetime?

Polyamorous relationships, good for the whole family?

Polyamorous relationships appear to be rising in popularity – they are trending and trendy.  The question is, can this lifestyle last a lifetime?

I have been writing my sex blog for a few years now. The main reason I embarked on such a venture was because I very much enjoy writing but also it had become clear to me that many couples do not seem to be benefiting from a healthy, fulfilling sexual bond. Indeed I had been involved in my share of incompatible pairings. I felt I had discovered enough to put my experiences on paper and hopefully others could learn from, or just enjoy, my musings.

Polyamorous relationships
If you love some one communicate honestly with them

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Alpha Male – misunderstood and misrepresented

Alpha male –

alpha male

If you have been reading my posts you are now aware of how I want my man to behave in the bedroom – or in our case, out of the bedroom – but how would I like him to behave in everyday life? Well, I need someone who won’t tolerate any nonsense from me. As a rule I try to get away with anything possible and have what I fondly describe as “princess syndrome.” Put simply this means I would rather have someone else do the mundane things on a day to day basis, even help me off with my boots and fluff around making sure all is good in my world. Continue reading Alpha Male – misunderstood and misrepresented