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Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & #SoSS

Sinful Sunday and Share our Shit Saturday

Last week on Sinful Sunday I mentioned how my man waited three years for me. Then a time came when my commitments had been fulfilled but I actually found I was motionless. I could not seem to see any way to remove myself from my domestic situation. I convinced myself that I was trapped.

Learned helplessness – perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation. Continue reading

Stable Relationship – Straw, Sex & Spanking

A Stable Relationship. What can you do to keep your relationship sparky and secure? The stability within my partnership was certainly enhanced when recently we added to our stable relationship  – literally… I come in from the other room, look around and notice our two guests have disappeared. “Are we alone?” I ask. “Yeah, no … Continue reading Stable Relationship – Straw, Sex & Spanking