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Games to play when the coffee is cold

I had some really interesting comments – here and on Twitter – in response to part one of this saga from my past life. The first part was just a snap shot of the situation – so here is part two. Right or wrong, you will find out more about me and my decision in the following post – Games. Continue reading Games to play when the coffee is cold

Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale


When I walked into my sitting room that morning I wasn’t surprised to find someone asleep on the sofa. There had been a lot of noise the previous night when Mum had returned, with her boyfriend, from his sons leaving party. He was emigrating – that’s what they called it in those days – to Canada. It seemed a guest from that party was still here. Continue reading Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale

Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

As I have been in with SoSS from the start and participated every week, I have consistently supported my favourite blogs, articles or photos. I also have re-iterated why sharing is so important – with censorship being thrown at us from all angles – and written how to get the most from Twitter by unchecking certain filters. Continue reading Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

I like driving in my car.

Week #173 Christmas far from our minds


After our training session for the half marathon and a game of pool at his local, Jim drove us all home. Beth first, then, of course, he dropped Vic at my place because that’s where he left his car earlier. Vic lived around the corner, consequently, we grew up together. Continue reading I like driving in my car.

Whispered Obscenities on a Festive Night Out

I’d seen him a few weeks before – we had a mutual friend. It was then he’d caught my eye – his were dark and brooding. Tonight I chose to sit next to him. Someone began to place the drinks down on our large table and we all took our respective tipple. I felt a little dazed as I could smell him. Not an aftershave or cologne, him. I could smell his body, his sex, his love of life and women. My heart involuntarily beat faster. Continue reading Whispered Obscenities on a Festive Night Out

Wax and Wane ~ Enjoying the Pain

Wax and Wane ~ Wax Play ~

The title Wax and Wane is a phrase often used to describe the phases of the moon, but can also give meaning to anything that grows in strength and then dwindles. This is a very apt description of the feeling achieved when hot wax first hits your skin. It has a strength which diminishes as it cools.

wax and wane
Wax and Wane
I experience that momentary pain, before the satisfying coolness and pressure from the solid-ification of the wax, hits the skin on my left breast.

I love the sensation but squirm around, pushing my arse down into the smooth wood of the   table top I am laying on.Keep still bitch, I want this drop to land right on your nipple.”

I lay back, fists slightly clenched, in their rope restraints, anticipating.

I am blindfolded and secured to the table by ropes running the full circumference of the  sur-face. Taking in my wrists along the way. My ankles are free. 

This moment of waiting seems to last literally minutes.The odour of the dinner we consumed earlier hangs in the air. Then the scorching sensation hits my right nipple.Fuck me,” I cry out in anguish.Later, but for now ask me nicely to drip wax on your cunt lips.”Can you drop the wax on my cunt,” I murmer.No you can do better than that, bitch, ask me nicely,” he roughly tweaks my other nipple.Eh, please could you drip wax on my cunt.”Where do you want it on your cunt?” He breaths heavily onto my face.On my cunt lips please,” inhaling deeply.Open your legs then, let me see your lips and I don't want any complaints”.

As I open my thighs the wax lands right between my slit with a searing joy. I bite my lip so as not to exclaim, but shivers escalate up and down my spine.

Wax and Wane ~ Real or not?

wax or wane

I have a vague memory of a similar scenario to the above happening between my man and me a couple of years ago – although it has to be said I can’t remember many of the details so it could be more fiction than fact.

I do know we have played with wax a few times and both really like it. On a practical note I do occasionally worry that the wax may fall on the carpet or furnishings and it is so difficult to get off. Maybe that’s because we have, of course, used standard church candles. I have to admit I have no idea if the wax play kits that can be purchased from kink retailers are better in this respect.

But what is the fascination with wax play? For me it’s that wonderful short, sharp pain. Followed by a soothing effect as the wax dries and almost seems to seal and protect the area. It is similar to having a swift hand spank to your arse, followed by a tender caress. I do wonder if those people that don’t like to administer or receive pain think there is something askew within the brains of those who do.

I have thought long and hard as to why I like to be on the receiving end. The answer is probably complex.

The prime motive is about trusting and giving up control. I find it very difficult to do either of these things as a general rule in everyday life. When I let my man inflict pain on me I am trusting him with my body – I am allowing myself to be his muse as I give up my control to him. It becomes almost a relief for me to surrender that power. Not to have to be the strong, independent woman, but rather have my sexual needs catered for, and – crucially – decided by somebody else.

So why do you like pain?

wax and wane
Muse ~ #287


Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

Graham Alexander Bell, a Scots man, invented the telephone. Although it was a tight race between a few people. He managed to patent the design first so it was he who went down in the history books.

Just over twenty years ago mobile telephones were beginning to become popular. However, only those that needed to use a phone for travel purposes seemed to own one. The rest of us used a land line at home or work.

This post tells the story of a telephone call I received in 1997 from a new boyfriend. I was desperate for him to become more than a casual affair so was willing to play a few of his games. Enough said, here is a spruced up excerpt from my diary of that time. Continue reading Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

My First Boyfriend’s Bucket List of Sexual Activities

This post has been waiting to be written for a long time but another idea would pop into my head and it would get put aside. When I saw the prompt Memory Lane for Wicked Wednesday I knew it was now time – time for my first boyfriend, and his bucket list, to be immortalised on my blog. Continue reading My First Boyfriend’s Bucket List of Sexual Activities

Reflecting Back ~ Haunting Truth, Stranger Than Fiction.

reflecting back
True Story


Reflecting back in time ~ The Celts lived 2,000 years ago in the areas that are now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France. The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Halloween marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed that the change of seasons was a bridge between the world of the living and the dead. Continue reading Reflecting Back ~ Haunting Truth, Stranger Than Fiction.

Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex blogging Hologram on Wicked Wednesday #280

Holograms are photographs that look realistic. They create the illusion of an image floating above or behind that photo so you can look around it and see it it from different angles. However, in order to see the image, your gaze must pass through the virtual object and onto the photograph where it is stored. Put your hand between the photo and the object and the illusion disappears. Continue reading Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Food for thought ~ Sugar one lump or two?

Sugar ~ Food for Thought on Wicked Wednesday #279

WARNING – no age restriction on this food for thought article

Armed as I am with a sports nutrition diploma, when I saw the prompt for this week, I knew I had to take the word literally.

Sugar – How Wicked is it?

Continue reading Food for thought ~ Sugar one lump or two?

Lapsed Catholic on Church Beliefs ~ Guest Post

When Lapsed Catholic read and messaged me regarding my Church Fornication post from Wicked Wednesday, I was delighted to get her opinion. It’s not the same as mine but it is the individual experiences we all have had that make us different and shape what we believe. Everybody has a right to share their own opinion which is why I was keen for Lapsed Catholic to write this guest post. It is almost the yin to my yang.

Lapsed Catholic is on Twitter – we both welcome any comments at the end of this article

Guest Post by Lapsed Catholic for Wicked Wednesday #278

Continue reading Lapsed Catholic on Church Beliefs ~ Guest Post

Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

Church , life and living.

My blog doesn’t hide the fact that my main kink is bondage. I like to be tied up, whipped and fucked. But even with these deviant practices as part of my sexual repertoire I find there is nothing quite like having sex in an unusual place to add even more spark to my sex life. I would highly recommend it, particularly if, like me, you are a sexual adrenalin junkie. Continue reading Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity Changes.

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity ~ Over the years the type of celebrity and the actual word meaning have both changed dramatically. They have evolved, or some may say devolved! Continue reading Wicked Wednesday Celebrity Changes.