Alpha Male – misunderstood and misrepresented

Alpha male –

alpha male

If you have been reading my posts you are now aware of how I want my man to behave in the bedroom – or in our case, out of the bedroom – but how would I like him to behave in everyday life? Well, I need someone who won’t tolerate any nonsense from me. As a rule I try to get away with anything possible and have what I fondly describe as “princess syndrome.” Put simply this means I would rather have someone else do the mundane things on a day to day basis, even help me off with my boots and fluff around making sure all is good in my world.

Now this may be what I want but it is obviously not good for me, as within a short space of time the guy is eating from my hand and I have zero respect for him. I need a man who knows how to handle me and is not afraid to do so. Not a metrosexual, or one that I see as weak and unsure of his place in the world and the scheme of things. I require a confident, assertive man. It’s a case of need rather than want. I need this type of man or I will walk away, as many times before.

I was handed an alpha male at 16 but wasn’t sure how to behave and what to do with the feelings he evoked in me so I opted for a more secure bet. That was then. I don’t want the predictable option any more. We are only here once. Time is precious and I want someone exciting and real to spend my time with; someone who will challenge me and not always say yes; someone who knows how to deal with me. That is not to say I don’t want him to be caring, indeed to the contrary – I need to know that he cares about me on a daily basis otherwise it would be impossible for me to put my body under his control in the way I do.

On a more serious note, I think that many women are led to believe by peers and the media that they need a man who is submissive and passive. In reality, if they had the chance to compare or think for themselves, they would prefer a man who is self assured, and direct. However, they may never admit to this, as over the decades social engineering has led people to think it is wrong for men to be assertive and confident and they should exhibit more sensitive and compliant traits.

Indeed, women who choose alpha males are often stereotyped in films and television dramas as being less stable, more promiscuous and having hostile, sexist attitudes towards their fellow females. They are typically depicted as preferring short-term relationship and indulging frequent, uncommitted sexual activity. Obviously this is not so. Many of the most successful, long-term relationships are where the man and woman involved are content to portray their masculine and feminine roles and appreciate each other for these very traits. A study by sociologists at the University of Washington found that couples who follow traditional gender roles around the house – wives doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping, men doing the DIY and fettling the car – reported greater sexual frequency. A regular sex life is known to be healthy for your mind and body.

It does appears that in recent years men have been emasculated. They are frequently confused as to the behaviour expected of them. At some point this century, assaulted by a hard-headed, feminist, politically correct herd, many decided it was time to stop being masculine and demonstrate their inner woman instead. Simply put, being a man has become unfashionable.

But has so called equality for women come at the cost of masculinity? If being overtly masculine is viewed as sexist, what remains of a man divested of his gender identity is arguably sexless. Is androgyny a positive gender adaptation?

It may be that many relationships would be more successful and fulfilling if the guy was able to engage his masculinity, wants and needs without having to play to the false image society has recently created for him. One may argue that the good points of a beta male is that women no longer need to see the topless poster hanging in the locker room or hear the whistle from the labouring wolf. But again I feel this comes at a cost. Instead of overtly showing their enthusiasm for the female form, many men resort to hidden stashes of hard-core internet porn. Men and women are gloriously different and this should be celebrated. Instead modern day feminists bleat on about the importance of “equality”.

So what or who is the alpha male? A man who has confidence in his masculinity and presence is often referred to as an alpha. There is obviously a scale in respect of alpha male traits an individual man can demonstrate. In my opinion a true alpha male has the following qualities.

  1. He is in control of his character, in that he knows his strengths and recognises his weaknesses.

  2. He is secure in all areas of his life and enjoys helping and educating others in order to empower. Not fearing competition.

  3. His whole demeanour oozes confidence and optimism; the way he walks, talks, loves and lives!

  4. He continually seeks to improve his brain and understanding of the world around him.

  5. He is very passionate in life, knows what he loves to do and follows his dreams.

  6. An Alpha male is a natural leader. He can be relied upon to provide direction when needed, as he has a natural ability to solve problems.

  7. He understands that growth will happen when you step out of your comfort zone and he will readily do this. Also he will also encourage his woman to do the same. Giving her the space she requires and accepting her without judgement.

  8. He displays upfront honesty about expectations. You will rarely have to worry about where you stand with him. He will be honest with you because he will expect the same in return.

The media will characterise him as:

  1. A man who needs to gain as much power and control as he can and steal both from a woman.

  2. A man who will deny his woman the chance to make her own decisions. Instead he will need to direct her life to increase his sense of status.

  3. An aggressive and domineering man.

  4. A man who is demanding and self-centered.

  5. An impatient and bad listener.

  6. Ruthless, intimidating, and confrontational.

  7. Arrogant, stubborn and over opinionated.

If you consider the media’s continued efforts to shatter positive views regarding alpha males it becomes clear that social engineers have an agenda in which it has invested much time, effort and money over the years. It was they who created the feminist movement. Third wave feminists continue the campaign to castrate the masculine male.

Devoid of alpha males, communities and families become easier to brainwash and control. The continual breakdown of the traditional family unit can be attributed to the emasculation of males and the consequent inability to supply the family with a traditional husband and father role. Rather than a family taking care of its own needs the state has to intervene more and more, exercising additional control over the children, defining and determining their place in the world and ensuring they never rise above that pre-ordained position or think for their selves.

The government does not help the family, as the years go by it continually undermines it, deliberately destabilising society.

It is time the passive male was disregarded. The alpha male once again seen as a positive role model for young boys to look up to and for women to choose. It is time traditional values were once again recognised as the constructive way to behave in society. Minority groups given the subdued recognition that reflects their minimal numbers. Conventional roles need to be upheld as the proud norm and not as a dying, outmoded, diffident choice.

It is time to think for ourselves and to stand up for our families and our children. Say no to the politically correct liberals who think they know how we should behave.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Alpha Male – misunderstood and misrepresented”

  1. Great writing May, I agree with everything you said!
    It’s fascinating because I was the Alpha in our relationship when I first met my wife, and that is what attracted her to me. I was a guy with a small degree of (I emphasis small) status, power, and money (self made). After almost 3 decades together our positions have been reversed completely (much like as in ‘A Star Is Born’ but without the drinking).
    By everyone’s estimation (including my wife’s and her friends) I am a great guy and a perfect husband. I have supported her in her growth and given her the space she needed to become the corporate high flyer (and rich) she is now. She’s on top of the world, Ma!
    The only problem is that it’s cost her her libido. It’s something she’ll never admit to anyone because that might shatter their idea that she has the perfect life.

  2. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

    1. I really appreciate your comment to one of my more serious posts. I have had a quick look at your site and will be doing some more in depth reading and commenting… See you soon!

    2. Read a few of your posts and want to comment but comments are not enabled? That’s a shame, I had some constructive things to say…

    3. This is too sad. Not all of us American ladies are this way by the way. I cook everyday, I get up early with my Alpha man and make him breakfast and pack his lunch for work, occasionally I’ll lay his clothes out while he’s in the shower. I cut his hair for him, shave him when he lets me. Lol. I do the laundry, clean the house, make the menus for the week, we do shop together because that’s just time we get to have to talk about anything and people watch. I happen to adore doing things for my man. Little things, like getting dressed up before he comes home just for him, we aren’t going out, I just know he’s coming home and I wasn’t to surprise him by being dressed up for the occasion. (Side note, not always in lingerie either ladies, although I do occasionally do this, I seriously mean a dress or skirt, high heels, makeup and fixing my hair. It makes him smile that wolfish smile we love to see on a man’s face and that in turn makes me very happy. ) Cutting his hair, setting up surprises for him (like a dinner party because he got the promotion, or just his favourite kind of ice cream when he least expects it, notes in his lunch box or brief case or wallet. Little things that let him know he’s appreciated, thought of and loved everyday. It’s not hard, and I love doing it, though bless him, he’s so not used to it. All he dated or married before were “alpha bitches” primarily.
      I have had the benefit in life however to habe been exposed to real lasting relationships in my youth that had a huge impact on how I treat men. My grandmother and grandfather had a relationship that lasted. They were 16 and 17 when they married, my grandfather went to Germany, my grandmother got a job. He returned after the war and got a job he stayed ay until he was diagnosed with cancer at 68. But being little when I lived with them, seeing how they interacted, how my grandmother got up at 3 each day to not only make my grandfather breakfast but you cook him a real meal for him to take to work for lunch. Iron his uniform and lady it out for him. Get my great uncle up, that still lived with them and get me ready for school. She was always doing little things too, like making him shirts or pants as she was a seamstress, or cooking his favourite pie or cake. Anyway, sorry I ramble, but I learned to follow suit. I’ve always been domestic, I love doing things with and for my man. There are some women out there that still do this. And are good to a man that’s good to them. So perhaps you could look within to see why some women you were with mistreated you, what type of woman are you attracted to and how do you treat them?

      1. I am not sure you will get a reply from him as I have not seen him since and was not keen on his site so have not been over to it again. Thank u for your comment and I think it’s great the way you treat your man – a true alpha male deserves respect rather than being put down by bad press.

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