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Wet dream team ~ leading and inspiring on #SoSS

Wet Dream Team ~ inspirational bloggers in the erotic writing community

wet dream team


When I first talked to my man about having a sex blog I was not at all sure what it would be like or include. I just knew I had a lot of things I wanted to write about. Going on line, the first blog I found was Girl on the Net. I spent the next couple of days looking, reading and digesting her blog. It inspired me to give it a try.

In the beginning I was enjoying compiling my blog but without that guttural passion. I needed to engage with a bit more vigour. I started participating in Molly’s Sinful Sunday. Looking at her photos, and blog projects in general, I was blown away with awe but also enthusiasm. I put a few photos out for the meme.  Then my man also became interested , taking them or making suggestions. It was so great to be able to share an aspect of my blog with him.

Getting involved in, Rebels Wicked Wednesday, and then Kayla Lords Masturbation Monday has really made me up my game where my writing is concerned. I now write most days and enjoy it so much that sometimes I am hard-pressed to stop. I am always so thrilled if I make it into their top 3 posts.

As far as sex toys reviews are concerned I have not done any. I am not saying I wont, I have been asked more than once, but I would certainly never do them as well as Joanne. Her site is an incredible mountain of sex toy information. Not only that but she can also create her own animations, which I find incredible as I would love to be able to draw.

Last but not least, in my wet dream team of leaders and inspirational bloggers, is Scanderella. I particularly like her short fiction stories. They are extremely well written, hot and sexy as hell.

Sharing inspirational gems

It goes without saying that every day most of us could pick out more than one article, story or photo from the above bloggers to share – they are always going the extra mile with their work. I do read a great many blogs each week and so also like to look out for other inspirational gems. That is why I really enjoy putting out an SSoS post each week. That said, in this edition, I couldn’t get away from mentioning one of Molly’s photos from Sinful Sunday.

Autumn Fire By Molly Moore

There were a couple of photos I liked this week but this just topped them all for me – because its so sexy, the scenery is amazing too, but also the strength in Molly’s pose. I admire it so much. I acquired a knee injury 18 mths ago, was on crutches for over 6 months and as much as I would love to, I simply am not now strong enough to strike such a pose.

Swap by Cara Thereon

Cara’s writing pushes me to think about the structure, content and style of my own. Currently she is aiming to write a short story a day.  I think its part of the National Novel Writing Month. I have kept up with a lot of them. The one I have recommended was really cool and different.

Ivy by Ina Morata

I read this story a few months ago,  was so enthralled with it I had to read it again immediately. Its an extremely powerful, erotic and captivating  tale. I won’t say more than that as I don’t want to ruin your enjoyment.

Please take a moment to look at the three above links and the wet dream team blogs too.

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Stockings, ripped shirts and observations ~ Real life erotica

Tied up with scarves and stockings

“Why don’t you sit down over there,” he says, distracting me from fiddling with my stockings.

He points to the sofa a few feet away from the table where we are sitting. I do as he tells me and he places a candle on the cabinet next to my seat, to light my face, sits down opposite and looks intently at me without saying a word. Continue reading Stockings, ripped shirts and observations ~ Real life erotica

Man O Man ~ Guest Post on Sinful Sunday

I have  to say that lately I have moaned about Twitter somewhat. One good thing that has come from it, is some great virtual friends. One of them appreciated some of my photos from Sinful Sunday and I took a look at his – just to be polite you understand 😉 And here they are from Mike Smith. Continue reading Man O Man ~ Guest Post on Sinful Sunday

Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

Graham Alexander Bell, a Scots man, invented the telephone. Although it was a tight race between a few people. He managed to patent the design first so it was he who went down in the history books.

Just over twenty years ago mobile telephones were beginning to become popular. However, only those that needed to use a phone for travel purposes seemed to own one. The rest of us used a land line at home or work.

This post tells the story of a telephone call I received in 1997 from a new boyfriend. I was desperate for him to become more than a casual affair so was willing to play a few of his games. Enough said, here is a spruced up excerpt from my diary of that time. Continue reading Hanging on the Telephone ~ Felt so good

Pancakes and Story Time on TMI Tuesday 07/11/2017

Pancakes for lunch

Albert Einstein is a hero of mine. He discovered the theory of relativity. How cool is that? I was sitting on the sofa reading a book about his sex life when there was a knock on the door. The rain was lashing down. This gorgeous guy was standing there, tool box in hand. Continue reading Pancakes and Story Time on TMI Tuesday 07/11/2017

Censorship by default ~ Share our shit Saturday ~ #SoSS

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or “inconvenient” as determined by government authorities. Continue reading Censorship by default ~ Share our shit Saturday ~ #SoSS

My First Boyfriend’s Bucket List of Sexual Activities

This post has been waiting to be written for a long time but another idea would pop into my head and it would get put aside. When I saw the prompt Memory Lane for Wicked Wednesday I knew it was now time – time for my first boyfriend, and his bucket list, to be immortalised on my blog. Continue reading My First Boyfriend’s Bucket List of Sexual Activities

Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & #SoSS

Sinful Sunday and Share our Shit Saturday

Last week on Sinful Sunday I mentioned how my man waited three years for me. Then a time came when my commitments had been fulfilled but I actually found I was motionless. I could not seem to see any way to remove myself from my domestic situation. I convinced myself that I was trapped.

Learned helplessness – perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation. Continue reading Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & #SoSS

Reflecting Back ~ Haunting Truth, Stranger Than Fiction.

reflecting back
True Story


Reflecting back in time ~ The Celts lived 2,000 years ago in the areas that are now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France. The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Halloween marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed that the change of seasons was a bridge between the world of the living and the dead. Continue reading Reflecting Back ~ Haunting Truth, Stranger Than Fiction.

Waiting For My Man On Sinful Sunday

He’s got the works, gives you sweet taste.

Waiting ~ In September we were fortunate to be working very close to one of the incredibly beautiful moors situated in the UK. The air is amazing due to the high density of trees, moss-carpeted boulders and many types of lichen.

Continue reading Waiting For My Man On Sinful Sunday

Giving a Good Handjob Requires Skill and Enthusiasm

When I was fourteen I discovered a stash of dirty magazines under my brother’s bed. He was older than me and went off to work at 7 am. In that precious hour before school, I sought to educate myself in lusty matters. One story I found fascinating involved a woman giving a man a handjob. It included such topics as how to rub the shaft and droplets of pre-cum. I wasn’t even sure if I knew what a shaft was. Continue reading Giving a Good Handjob Requires Skill and Enthusiasm

Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex blogging Hologram on Wicked Wednesday #280

Holograms are photographs that look realistic. They create the illusion of an image floating above or behind that photo so you can look around it and see it it from different angles. However, in order to see the image, your gaze must pass through the virtual object and onto the photograph where it is stored. Put your hand between the photo and the object and the illusion disappears. Continue reading Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sweet Lips

Sweet Lips ~ I took this photo myself when experimenting for last weeks prompt. There is one golden drop of honey sticking to my top lip, waiting to be licked off. Continue reading Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

Food for thought ~ Sugar one lump or two?

Sugar ~ Food for Thought on Wicked Wednesday #279

WARNING – no age restriction on this food for thought article

Armed as I am with a sports nutrition diploma, when I saw the prompt for this week, I knew I had to take the word literally.

Sugar – How Wicked is it?

Continue reading Food for thought ~ Sugar one lump or two?

Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

This weeks Sinful Sunday is being sponsored by the Sheets of San Francesco. They make products such as throws which are fluid proof. You are guaranteed to enjoy wet play anywhere – at home or away. With this in mind October 2017 prompt is fluids. Continue reading Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday