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Giving a Good Handjob Requires Skill and Enthusiasm

When I was fourteen I discovered a stash of dirty magazines under my brother’s bed. He was older than me and went off to work at 7 am. In that precious hour before school, I sought to educate myself in lusty matters. One story I found fascinating involved a woman giving a man a handjob. It included such topics as how to rub the shaft and droplets of pre-cum. I wasn’t even sure if I knew what a shaft was.

Early days

The first time I tried it myself was at sixteen, over the park one evening with my first steady boyfriend. He was circumcised. I had no idea how to do it but he was always keen to tell me what felt good for him. He jacked his load into the bushes with a happy groan. My second boyfriend had a foreskin, so when I first began to handle his cock he exclaimed,

“Woah woah, not so rough.”

So I had to learn all over again. That’s when I realised not all penises respond to the same type of touch.

Being quite particular about who I had intercourse with, but still liking to get down and dirty as much as possible, giving a handjob seemed a good option. In fact the first time I ever slept with my man, I used my hand. That was twenty years ago but I still have a faint memory of the occasion. He loves my long fingers so even today he is a fan of my manual skills.

My hand – giving a good handjob requires skill, just like chess!

Handjob in the morning

Having just woken the other morning, sleepily I turned to lay on his shoulder and pushed my naked body up against his side. He was laying on his back and immediately began caressing my body. I have always had a fascination with his cock. It’s not been like that with previous partners so I revel in my obsession. My hand, very naturally, went down to find it. It was slightly bouncy and the skin along the shaft felt like silk on my palm. I sighed. His fingers came up to the back of my neck and began to touch the sensitive spot just below my hairline.

With my left hand I cupped his balls and squeezed ever so slightly. With my right I began to encircle the end of his not quite erect penis. He moaned in pleasure and pulled me closer. The skin was still covering the end of cock so I just ran my finger tips gently up and down its length. Now his dick was waking up.

Moving the quilt, so I had room to manoeuvre, I pushed down on his perineum whilst still lightly grasping his tightening testicles. With the other hand I angled his whole cock downwards, so the eye was looking straight ahead rather than up at him. This is a trick he taught me – he says it makes his orgasm stronger. I started to slowly pump the skin up and down. It moved easily over the head, now fully exposed.

Pleasure giving

Very gently I rubbed my fingertips around his bare knob giving more attention to the outside area where his skin is attached to his penis. It’s this area that he adores me to lick when giving him a blow job. At this point I will often not be able to control the urge to go under the covers and slip his beautiful cock in my mouth.

This time I didn’t. Instead I stepped up the intensity of my hold and pumped his cock with my hand, making sure to move it so that with each motion I was caressing the tip of his knob. As his breathing quickened – I could feel his enjoyment heightening. His cock was ready to explode as he dug his fingers into my back, muttering,

“Good bitch…”

Nearly there…

I know its time to speed up the pace and pressure. As I do this his body begins to move with me like he is fucking my hand. With a loud exclamation he fires his spunk all over my arm, his torso and the top sheet. Knowing him as I do I can feel there is more to come so continue with the friction whilst squeezing his balls once again. Sure enough more sperm shoots out his knob. Even when I am certain he has finished I continue stroking so as to complete his orgasm. This is something else he taught me as too many people just stop the hand job when the spunk first emits. He thrusts his hips up at my hand and we both collapse as he loudly murmurs,


One thing I have always liked about the moment when my man comes is that he makes no excuse for it. He is very proactive regarding his orgasms and often, after, we fall back onto the bed and laugh. Its a glorious moment.

Enthusiasm gets results

Performing a handjob is all about giving pleasure to the other person. If you are simply trying to get him off so that you can have your turn then it certainly wont feel the same for him. You need to participate too. Enthusiasm is everything.

Post Script –  After my man read through this post he was hard. He stayed put in the chair and ordered me to get down on my knees and suck his cock. Which I happily did 😉

Handjobs – Kink of the week Oct 1-16

Masturbation Monday Week 163

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Mirrored and Reflected ~ Him and Me on Sinful Sunday

Mirrored and Reflected


This image looks lustrous full-size – Click on photo to enlarge and see my man filming through the mirror.


There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it… Edith Wharton

Kiss the lips to join other sinners

Mirrored Sinful Sunday

Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex blogging Hologram on Wicked Wednesday #280

Holograms are photographs that look realistic. They create the illusion of an image floating above or behind that photo so you can look around it and see it it from different angles. However, in order to see the image, your gaze must pass through the virtual object and onto the photograph where it is stored. Put your hand between the photo and the object and the illusion disappears. Continue reading Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sweet Lips

Sweet Lips ~ I took this photo myself when experimenting for last weeks prompt. There is one golden drop of honey sticking to my top lip, waiting to be licked off. Continue reading Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

Food for thought ~ Sugar one lump or two?

Sugar ~ Food for Thought on Wicked Wednesday #279

WARNING – no age restriction on this food for thought article

Armed as I am with a sports nutrition diploma, when I saw the prompt for this week, I knew I had to take the word literally.

Sugar – How Wicked is it?

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Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

This weeks Sinful Sunday is being sponsored by the Sheets of San Francesco. They make products such as throws which are fluid proof. You are guaranteed to enjoy wet play anywhere – at home or away. With this in mind October 2017 prompt is fluids. Continue reading Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

Lapsed Catholic on Church Beliefs ~ Guest Post

When Lapsed Catholic read and messaged me regarding my Church Fornication post from Wicked Wednesday, I was delighted to get her opinion. It’s not the same as mine but it is the individual experiences we all have had that make us different and shape what we believe. Everybody has a right to share their own opinion which is why I was keen for Lapsed Catholic to write this guest post. It is almost the yin to my yang.

Lapsed Catholic is on Twitter – we both welcome any comments at the end of this article

Guest Post by Lapsed Catholic for Wicked Wednesday #278

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Sinful Sunday Church Attire ~ Sinners dress code

Sinful Sunday Church Attire #337

If I was going to mass would I wear this outfit under my coat? I very much doubt it. Many years have passed since I attended a church service for any reason. Recently I wrote about having sex in a desolate church. In that article I published one of the photos taken that evening and here is another one.

Sinful Sunday Church Attire For Sinners

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Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

Church, life and living.

My blog doesn’t hide the fact that my main kink is bondage. I like to be tied up, whipped and fucked. But even with these deviant practices as part of my sexual repertoire I find there is nothing quite like having sex in an unusual place to add even more spark to my sex life. I would highly recommend it, particularly if, like me, you are a sexual adrenalin junkie. Continue reading Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

Kink of the Week ~ Going Commando

Kink of the Week Aug 16-31: Going Commando

The first memory I have of my man going commando was back in 1997. We had met the previous evening and slept together. The next morning after some amount of reciprocal sexual activity he had to go off to work. After returning from the bath room he began to get dressed. He pulled his jeans straight on without any underwear. Zipping up the flies he said,

Can I have your number or do you want to keep your anonymity.” Continue reading Kink of the Week ~ Going Commando

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity Changes.

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity ~ Over the years the type of celebrity and the actual word meaning have both changed dramatically. They have evolved, or some may say devolved! Continue reading Wicked Wednesday Celebrity Changes.

Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever

Sinful Sunday Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The moment we came across this window we saw a photo opportunity open up. But we had to pick our moment. We needed to be quick and careful as the aspect was slightly within public view. My man took a few different shots, but this was the best. I really like the lighting and the shadows. Continue reading Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever

Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

Naked truth – Proud of my pussy
Pussy Pride

I originally published this post in April of this year. Recently I came across Molly Mores fantastic Pussy Pride Project, and wanting to be part of it, have updated the post. Continue reading Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

Sexology ~ The Psychology of Sex ~ TMI Tuesday 22/08/2017

Sexology – the psychology of sex

Sexology ~ After this week’s TMI Tuesday you may say, “Get out of my head!”

Interestingly enough, when my man and I first met many years ago and had a short liaison – (you can read about how I met him and my sex life in general from 1997 here) – we would often say to each other “why are you always trying to get into my head”. We understood more about each other than either of us wanted to admit, so we used that phrase to try and not let our defenses down. Continue reading Sexology ~ The Psychology of Sex ~ TMI Tuesday 22/08/2017