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Sunshine and Frolics for May

I suppose as I was growing up I thought intercourse was SEX.  But as life progressed I realised that I actually wanted sex, but not always intercourse. It depended on the person I was getting down and dirty with, and what I hoped to gain or get sexually from them. I found more and more that sex – to me – was sexual activity that I enjoyed, that he enjoyed, but not necessarily including intercourse. Continue reading Sunshine and Frolics for May

Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale


When I walked into my sitting room that morning I wasn’t surprised to find someone asleep on the sofa. There had been a lot of noise the previous night when Mum had returned, with her boyfriend, from his sons leaving party. He was emigrating – that’s what they called it in those days – to Canada. It seemed a guest from that party was still here. Continue reading Twenty One ~ A True Karmic Tale

Daily Blow on Sinful Sunday

I have commented before how it is vital in our relationship, for my man and me to have  frequent sexual activity. This does not always end in an orgasm, but it keeps our bond strong. So even though it may not actually be a daily blow, it does occur as part of our routine, more often than not, during a week.

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My 2017 through the looking glass

Through the looking glass ~ 2017 in words, pictures & shout-outs

Looking glass 2017 ~ Personal Stuff

I started my blog in 2016 but I was plagued by a very bad leg injury soon after. It is a long tale waiting to be told, but briefly this is what happened.

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Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five

As I have been in with SoSS from the start and participated every week, I have consistently supported my favourite blogs, articles or photos. I also have re-iterated why sharing is so important – with censorship being thrown at us from all angles – and written how to get the most from Twitter by unchecking certain filters. Continue reading Portrait of a Sex Blogger or Five