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Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

Church, life and living.

My blog doesn’t hide the fact that my main kink is bondage. I like to be tied up, whipped and fucked. But even with these deviant practices as part of my sexual repertoire I find there is nothing quite like having sex in an unusual place to add even more spark to my sex life. I would highly recommend it, particularly if, like me, you are a sexual adrenalin junkie.

I was schooled by nuns in a convent and went to church religiously at least every Sunday. The smell of church is a peculiar thing – a common stench that is picked up upon entry to any church anywhere. It’s slightly musty, woody yet spicy aroma. I am very susceptible to the way things and people smell, so when I enter a church the air I breathe throws back all sorts of memories. As a child that odour would literally make me swoon at times – and came in useful as an excuse to leave the service early.

Church ~ feeling like a foreigner

I gave up going to mass about age 16. Growing out of the youth club and church disco there was no longer any reason to attend. From then on when near a church I always felt like a foreigner, my beliefs had changed now – I was outside, looking in. Even when I entered a church for a wedding funeral or any other religious ceremony, I didn’t belong. I was not part of the congregation.  I also was quite sure I was not meant to be part of it any more. Looking up at Jesus on the cross I felt removed, as if he had never been part of my life. He had become alien to me.

Years past and one of my children took to the village church. Free juice after school lured her in. I had gone through an excruciatingly painful separation where vast amounts of bitterness and badness had been thrown at me. I joined her at the church and felt a karma. Now looking at the cross I felt Jesus open his arms and welcome me. In my head he didn’t mind that I had turned my back on the church, he was humane and suddenly I didn’t feel like an outsider any more. It wasn’t that my convictions had changed but they seemed to harmonise into a faith at that time so I didn’t feel like a foreigner any more.

Within the village church congregation I could do good to combat the bad that had been inflicted upon me. It made me feel better, and then after a certain amount of recovery I once more retreated  knowing it was time but thankful for being part of it.

Church atmosphere

Nowadays, I do like to wonder round old churches and take in the atmosphere and splendid setting. Recently, while visiting a very remote part of rural England, my man and I passed a run down but extremely beautiful church and popped in to look at the stained glass. The building was deserted with apparently no service approaching. Immediately I smelt the familiar church aroma and felt almost at home. We got back to where we were staying and after dinner he said,

Go and put on some sexy date night clothes and red lipstick”.

I did just that and armed with a bottle of sparkling wine and a camera we got in the car. I had to smile when he drove up to the church. Looking at him I asked,

You can’t be thinking of having date night here?”

That’s exactly what was on his mind. We went in and sat on the front pew drinking the fizz.

I glanced around at the heavy leaded church windows and the colours shimmering on the stone floor as the sun shone through the stained glass. It was truly an amazing setting for our date night. I was wearing a slightly transparent black dress over stockings and lacy black knickers.

For modesty’s sake I was also wearing a long black light weight jacket. But the excitement and anticipation certainly warmed me and I soon discarded the coat.

Date night

Sinning in the Church

After the wine he led me down to the end of the church where there were some stairs and ordered me to put my hands forward onto them – raising my arse towards him. He yanked down the black lacy knickers and lifted the back of my short see through dress. He ordered me not to move and went out to the car. I knew what he had returned with when I felt two delicious lashes from one of his home made whips land across my arse cheeks. The tendrils are very soft so the pain is followed up by the caress of the strands.  It really is bitter-sweet.  Really I wanted more from this tool but my man had other ideas.

I heard his flies undo and felt his cock thrust into my cunt without deliberation.

I held onto the stairs as he pumped into me hard and fast.  Glancing down I could see my breasts swaying with the motion and the sexy sight of his Cuban heeled boots between my legs. I could envisage him standing steady fucking me, rooted to the spot. I moved my legs in between his so that my thighs were then putting pressure on the shaft of his cock as he pumped into me. He  groaned in enjoyment. I really get a kick out of him taking pleasure in using me as he wishes. He was definitely thrusting for his own selfish need and I was finding it extremely horny.

Squirting about to come

He pulled me from the stairs and laid me on a free-standing pew. Grabbing my waist he pulled me along the seat until my cunt was at the end.  Kneeling, he began to fuck me again; taking handfuls of my ample breasts as he did so. I looked up at the ornate gilded ceiling and momentarily smiled to myself. All those years ago I had not foreseen that I would one day find myself fornicating in a church.

At this point I could feel myself about to come but selfishly he withdrew his cock and came round to my head raising it with his hand. Between my legs I felt myself squirt onto the church pew, from all the urgent intercourse that had just taken place.  He placed his cock against my mouth. I began to lick his knob looking up at him. He looked down , held my head with one hand and began fucking my face. I gasped for breath and he pulled back slightly and let me use my blow job skills. Holding his balls and rhythmically putting pressure on his cock with my mouth I made him spurt all over my face and breasts. So another dress for the wash!

Regaining composure, he put his head between my legs and began to flick his tongue over my clitoris. Coming up to caress my breasts and simultaneously stroking my cunt with his fingers I found release and moaned loudly as I climaxed.

Dusk had arrived as we left the church. Thankfully nobody saw us arrive and nobody saw us leave. At least, not as far as we know.

Because of my past experience with religion I knew that the fun we had in that church was right. Kismet…

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Wicked Wednesday #276: Foreigner

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Sinful Sunday Overexposed and in Repose

Sinful Sunday Overexposed #335

I took this as I was about to settle down for the night yesterday evening.

Taking a look this morning I saw the light levels are wrong. By editing it to be black and white and changing the brightness it now looks overexposed. I like the effect and it feels very apt for the present time. Normally I lead a very quiet life but lately I have needed to socialise with more people than I am used to. I feel I have been overexposed and am ready to retreat.

Sinful Sunday Overexposed, in repose and ready to retreat…

sinful sunday overexposed
Sinful Sunday ~ in repose and ready to retreat

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Sinful Sunday

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity Changes.

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity ~ Over the years the type of celebrity and the actual word meaning have both changed dramatically. They have evolved, or some may say devolved!

When I saw that this week’s prompt was celebrity I began to think of all kinds of things I could include in a post which had some kind of relevance to me and a celebrity. I am a sex blogger so I enjoy writing about myself and sex in general. But I could only muster up two situations when I had any close contact with a person who could be considered a celebrity.

Top of the Pops

Wicked Wednesday Celebrity
Wicked Wednesday Celebrity

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Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever

Sinful Sunday Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The moment we came across this window we saw a photo opportunity open up. But we had to pick our moment. We needed to be quick and careful as the aspect was slightly within public view. My man took a few different shots, but this was the best. I really like the lighting and the shadows.

Sinful Sunday Diamonds Forever ~ A Window of Diamonds

Sinful sunday diamonds forever

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Sinful Sunday

Sexology ~ The Psychology of Sex ~ TMI Tuesday 22/08/2017

Sexology – the psychology of sex

Sexology ~ After this week’s TMI Tuesday you may say, “Get out of my head!”

Interestingly enough, when my man and I first met many years ago and had a short liaison – (you can read about how I met him and my sex life in general from 1997 here) – we would often say to each other “why are you always trying to get into my head”. We understood more about each other than either of us wanted to admit, so we used that phrase to try and not let our defenses down.

Sexology – The psychology of sex

For you, can sex be separated from love?

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Sinful Sunday Buttons

Sinful Sunday Buttons

The world is full of different types, and uses, for buttons. We can do them up; undo them; use them as decorations. And then, of course, we all have our navel which ornaments our bodies in many different shapes and sizes.

I took this photo on a “play away” weekend with a friend, to send to my man. It suddenly occurred to me that the picture’s focus is buttons. I liked the idea that a photo taken at random found its own hidden theme.

Buttons ~ Jacket, Shirt and Tummy

sinful sunday buttons
Sinful Sunday Buttons

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday Breast ~ Outdoor Shot

Sinful Sunday Breast

I take most photos of me myself.  But occasionally my man will get out his camera and start snapping. All the readers from the UK will remember when we had our summer this year – a few days at the end of June. And they were hot days and nights!

One afternoon we took a picnic and bottle of wine and headed down to the river. We found a secluded spot, opened the wine and enjoyed the picnic.  Alcohol in the afternoon has the reputation for evoking friskiness. True to form it wasn’t long before we were both stripped naked and I began sucking his cock. Continue reading Sinful Sunday Breast ~ Outdoor Shot

Sinful Sunday Stairs ~ Scorching Hot

Sinful Sunday Stairs – Still hot from the  night before.

For some reason it took me a little time before I came across Sinful Sunday. I’ve only had my blog for 18 months so perhaps I was just too busy living and trying to provide content for it.

But recently it caught my eye as I was following one of its prolific participants – the Kilted-Wookie – on Twitter.  I have been checking out the scorching Sinful Sunday photos, with the odd engagement and reading up on the rules. A few days ago I was looking at the details for this upcoming Sunday – stairs or steps.

There is usually a pile of  belongings lying at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go up . This day was not any different as the paraphernalia from the previous evening’s date night lay in a messy heap. Continue reading Sinful Sunday Stairs ~ Scorching Hot

Sexy Time ~ Sex is no big deal but TMI Tuesday is

Sexy Time on TMI Tuesday 18th July 2017

Sexy Time
Sexy Time

For you, what is sexy time?

Sexy time is anytime that either my man or I are feeling horny and have a bit of space to act upon these desires.

If your best friend asked, “Do you think I’m sexy?” What would you say?

Absolutely sexy, with a camp twist thrown in – my best friend is my man and I find effeminate men outrageously sexy as they ooze confidence and individual style. I wrote about it here.

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Life and Living on TMI Tuesday 27th June 2017

Life and Living

Life and Living
Life and Living
If happiness was a currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

I don’t need to do much work to make my self happy. Thats why I am not rich. I write and love to write and that does make me happy. So I guess in your scenario writing  would make me rich.

Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

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Shame, TMI Tuesday 20th June 2017

SHAMEHow much can you bear?

Shame on TMI Tuesday

Tell us a sexual thing/fantasy you would never want your friends to know you like or have done?

As far as most of my friends are concerned I wouldn’t like them to know that I get a kick out of bondage. Also one activity I have kept pretty quiet about over the years is that I once had the “golden shower” experience. You will be able to read about it sometime over the next few months on my sister blog which looks back 20 years ago to precisely the golden era. My friends would be horrified if I ever told them about that.  A couple of them even seemed shocked that I have enjoyed anal sex in the past. Continue reading Shame, TMI Tuesday 20th June 2017

Upfront and Personal – TMI Tuesday 13th June 2017

Upfront and Personal

upfront and personal
Upfront and Personal on TMI Tuesday


Would you take a course in advanced sex positions? Why?

That is an odd question. It has put all sorts of visuals into my head –  a room full of people trying to copy a position the teachers are demonstrating. I don’t think I would be interested in a course of advanced sexual positions. I simply like to get into a position that feels good or right at the time.


Did you orgasm?”
Women: Have you been asked this?

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Digging Deep – TMI Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – Soul Searching

Digging Deep

digging deep
Digging deep into your soul

The last time you had sex, was it urgent or essential? Consider masturbation or sex with a partner.

Both urgent and essential. It was the night before last and we had been relaxing in the garden after a lovely sunny day. We both looked at each other and knew it was time for sex. We went indoors and he sat on the couch. I immediately got down on my knees in front of him and undid his flies. His cock was almost ready. I took my top off and caressed his cock with my breasts, then slipping it into my mouth. I began to tease the knob by flicking my tongue across the tip. He was now rock hard and came round behind me and spread my legs slightly. Pushing me face down on the sofa he thrust into me. Fucked me hard spanking the side of my arse at the same time. It was great!

What should you stop doing? Why? Continue reading Digging Deep – TMI Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – Soul Searching