dirty bitch

Such a Dirty Bitch Deserves to be Whipped and Scratched

I found a really retro-old-fashioned, incredibly sexy dress, in a charity shop. I knew he would love it; being practically backless with a low cut neckline. It is shiny and lurid, with a flamenco-style split, keeping a stocking top on show. Perfect to wear when you are being a dirty bitch for your man.

Dirty Bitch ~  Photos of the Dress

It had been over a month since our last date night but tiredness and work had got in the way. Our relationship is buttressed by the closeness we achieve from our kinky sex. So naturally, we do appreciate the importance of our scheduled sex nights

We had saved a bottle of champagne for the evening – the first for some time – and he cooked an amazing fish supper.

After dinner, he took time to appreciate the wonderful sleazy nature of my outfit and we swapped some general banter. I like him to choose the date night setting and equipment. Not knowing thrills me and sky-rockets my adrenalin flow.

Setting the Scene for a Dirty Bitch

We retired to the bedroom where a hook hung on the beam directly above the bed. Doing up my dog collar he ordered me to kneel on the mattress. Threading the rope through my collar he tied it to the hook, finishing by securing my hands to the rope above my head.

Lifting the back of my dress he tucked it out of the way. My bare arse was now on view, as I purposely had chosen not to wear any knickers.

Oh yeah,” he muttered.

In front of me was a mirror. Watching in anticipation I saw him pick up the whip.

He began thrashing my back, arse and legs in quite a frantic fashion. The tendrils of the whip are suede, so pack a bit of a punch, but the softness of the material almost soothes the skin as they lash. I stuck my arse out so he could target that – its a particular liking of mine – but he just continued to strike exactly where he wanted. The collar around my neck pulled as I swayed, holding on to the rope for stability.

Licking and Playing

It felt as hot as hell, almost a release from the pressure of the day, but my naked cunt – newly shaved – was desperate for some attention and I didn’t have to wait long.

Laying across the bed between my legs he put a pillow under his head and began to lick my cunt. He was stretched out in front of me lengthways. I could see his erect cock straining the fabric of his trousers, trying to escape. I was desperate to free it but my hands were literally tied. It was such a hot sight, right there in front of my eyes.

I watched as slowly he undid his flies – still licking my slit – and his dick shot out of its trap. My mouth craved to feel the smooth skin on my tongue. Very deliberately he began to stroke the shaft, pulling the skin gently back and exposing his shiny pink knob.

Fuck me that was an extremely horny sight, so now I was frantic. Untieing my restraints he threw me face down on the bed, repositioning so he could screw me with his feet on the ground. I moved my legs so they were inside his. Better friction for his enjoyment and also to stimulate my clit a little more.


Pushing my head into the fabric of the bed he fucked me hard, pumping fast, then taking a moment to watch his member slowly enter my smooth hole. He came out, turning me over. Entering me again. This time slow and easy, bending down, kissing me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.

We actually don’t kiss very much during sex, so I found this quite sensual and was near to climaxing when pulling out of me he put us into a 69 position. I love having his cock in my mouth but do like to concentrate on what I am doing as I adore giving him pleasure this way. My clitoris was ripe – one massage with his tongue sent me over before I even had a chance to lick his knob. I began to spasm and moan, an intense, overdue orgasm – shaking.

I was now very sensitive to touch, so we took a break.


He left the room, returning with more wine, whilst I re-applied my lipstick. We sat and chatted for a few moments, enjoying the drink. But he wasn’t done – ordering me to sit on the edge of the bed he slowly aimed his cock into my mouth between my red lips. With the whip at his side, he began to thrash my back again, whilst I was sucking and fondling him. Suddenly, dropping the whip and leaning down he dug his nails deep into my lower back, pulling them upwards, – searing through the skin, scratching with his long musician nails – perhaps leaving welts in their tracks.

“Jesus Christ,” I screeched, inhaling with pain.

Roughly, he pulled me around. So now I was laying on my stomach, head turned upwards. His cock conveniently in front of my face. He held the back of my head, face- fucking me till I was gulping for air.

Using me like a rag-doll.

The skirt of my dress was up so he could see my arse in the mirror opposite.

Open your legs like a good little slut.”

I did and he exclaimed,

Oh yeah now I can see it all – your arse and cunt in the mirror – your face and mouth doing what it was made for – your tits sprawling out of the front of your dress. You are such a dirty bitch.

Within a moment he has grabbed his cock and jerked the skin back as he covered my face and neckline with his cum.

Yeah I looked like his dirty bitch!

dirty bitch
Masturbation Monday ~ #182
Dirty Bitch

I am wearing the same dress in this Sinful Sunday image.


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