How Do I Tell My Partner About My Fantasies?

How do i tell my partner about my fantasies?

Communication is key…

How Do I Tell My Partner About My Fantasies?

Talk about your fantasies

Fantasy Matters

How do I tell my partner about my fantasies? This question is one that I am sure has passed across every adult’s mind at some time in a relationship. I feel it is extremely important to be able to express yourself sexually and fulfil your fantasies with your partner, but you can’t just expect them to know what you yearn for unless you have discussed it.  How do I tell my partner about my fantasies? Well communication is paramount in any sexual relationship but particularly so when “kinkier” events are played out.


The following scenario occurred on a regular afternoon in my life. The incidents that happened were highly charged and pleasurable to us both. I trusted him to deliver what I desired and he trusted me to take it. This trust was not blind, it existed because we spend much time talking about our fantasies and what we both require within our sexual relationship.
If we can do that, you can too. So how do I tell my partner about my fantasies? A good place to start is to ask them first exactly what they want sexually and what occurs within their fantasies. Then you are free to explain what you long for in return. Remember they may be pondering the same question in regards to you. Such a conversation can be difficult to initiate but so rewarding in the long term. It shouldn’t be just a one off dialog either. It’s a topic a couple should return to often if they are going to keep their relationship satisfying. Don’t be afraid to ask, after all it is far more frightening to be in a relationship that is just not stimulating  you, than to ask a question that momentarily may make you blush.


“Do you want me to wear lipstick?” I ask him.


“Yes that’s an idea”, he replies, removing his t shirt.
We had just come in from the garden where we had been enjoying lamb/pepper kebabs and wine for lunch. Now both hot and a little bit sweaty we had moved into the bedroom to indulge ourselves.

I am standing in front of him in just a pair of skimpy, white, lacy knickers. I bend over the dressing table and apply some deep red lipstick. The colour he likes me to wear when my mouth is encompassing his cock. I don’t get the chance to turn round as I feel him jerk down my knickers and force his engorged cock inside me. He holds my hips and thrusts into me. I keep my arms propped on the dressing table and view the scene in the mirror inches away from my face. My ample breasts are hanging and swaying in front of the mirror. His face is intent as I see him pick up one of his smaller handmade whips. He begins to thrash my back and arse as he fucks me. I gasp, scream and catch his eye in the mirror, he looks at me questioningly.
“More please”, I murmur.
“More what”? He asks.
“More whipping”.
He continues to drive his cock into me and gives me a few more hard cracks from the whip. I take a sharp intake of breath. The pain is bittersweet, on the one hand it is a sudden and throbbing sting but on the other I feel the most over whelming surge of lust towards him.


He pulls me from the dressing table and demands I stand with my hands against the wall supporting my weight. I begin to inhale faster as I anticipate what’s coming next. I wish I still had the mirror in front of me so I could glimpse the moment the next blow of the whip will occur. Instead he puts the whip down and removes the belt from his trousers. I always feel as if it is serving its purpose when he uses it on me. I hold my breath in expectation and the blow lands powerfully on my shoulder blade. My breathing becomes short and quickened.


As I come to terms with the pain I remember how boring my sexual existence had been for years before he filled my life. I always laid my cards on the table at the start of any relationship but if this type of sex is not “your thing” you will not be able to participate in such action in any kind of convincing manner. A guy spanking me just because I want him to do so is not going to light my fire. I need to look in his eyes and see that he is comfortable with the situation and indeed wants to hurt me. My man gets harder each time he hears me cry out with pain. At this time if I look in his eyes they are animalistic. At such a moment he is totally preoccupied with our physical desires, that is all that matters to him.


That is, among so many other reasons,  why I’m so glad he’s my man.
He pulls me from the wall and tells me to kneel. I look up at him as he pulls my hair knowing what is coming next and almost getting ready to flinch.


A slap lands heavily on my left side of my face. Before I have a chance to open my eyes he lands another in the same place. I start to whimper, slight tears in my eyes. For me, this is the hardest thing that we do.  At first I let him do it because he wanted to. Now it is something I rarely request but do sometimes desire. I regain my composure and mouth up at him, “I love you”.  He holds the back of my head and shoves his cock in my mouth to the back of my throat. I breathe as well as I am able through my nose as he directs it in as deep as he can.


He stops and I begin to lick and suck his cock really gently and I hear him moan. He sinks to the floor and I continue. Suddenly he pushes me flat on the carpet, forcing my legs apart and begins to lick me. He has spent a lot of time doing this during our time together and so is expert at it. Often a session like this hypes me up so much I cannot come. I lay back and enjoy the warmth of his tongue and his fingers probing me. All of sudden I feel the surge of pleasure coming on as the orgasm waves over me. I sigh and cry out, when I stop he looks at me, we both smile.


How do I tell my partner about my fantasies? Relax, talk and share your fantasies!

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