Sexual Expression- If it Matters how you do it

sexual expression
Sexual Expression

Why am I writing a sex blog?

Sexual Expression Matters

My name is May. I am writing this blog to demonstrate that at any age we can choose how we express ourselves sexually. If sex matters to you then you have an obligation to yourself, and the person you love, to let it out. 

Sexual Expression


It seems very obvious that now, more than ever, older people seem confused about sexual expression. Women appear worried about truthfully exposing that side to men. Men are concerned that if they reveal their inner sexual needs they will be seen as anti-feminist. Society via media is emasculating men by blurring the lines between the sexes. As a result, women are fed up of having to be in control of their relationship on a day to day basis, as well as not getting satisfied in the bedroom. How do I know this? I speak to many people of both sexes and ages and open my eyes to the media onslaught brainwashing individuals on a daily basis. 

With regards to sexual behaviour between two consenting adults, I believe nothing need be taboo. I understand that the actions of one couple are not necessarily what another couple would favour but nobody should feel inhibited in expressing their wants. I advocate that sexual expression should be liberating, intense and loving but perhaps not all at the same time. A lot of unhappiness is caused by inadequate, incompatible sexual partnerships.

My Experience

 It took me a long time to meet someone I could fulfill my carnal desires with. I spent years, like many others, feeling guilty about what I found arousing. I tried to hide it as I was told by more than one partner that I was sordid or degenerate. This indeed made me feel dirty. But I remained unfulfilled sexually. As a consequence I became frustrated with other areas of my life too - as I lacked a medium in which to express my desires. 

Now that I have a man who is totally accepting and encouraging in every area of my life, I feel a dark cloud has been lifted and my potential in other areas can be realised. I am no longer stifled. The nature of our sex life may seem harsh and decadent to some but I can assure you that as a result of what we do we have an extraordinarily strong bond. By sharing such passionate times, other aspects of our relationship have become solid and rewarding. 

I am not suggesting that everyone should involve themselves in sex-making as we do; it wouldn’t suit all couples. I do think that people should question their lives if they feel they are unable to play out their desires honestly with the person they love.

My Blog

All posts on this blog are true, without fabrication, unless otherwise stated. They may not be as outrageous in content as some other sex blogs on the web but they ARE real, they are written about me and my man. It could easily be you and your partner. 

I love to write about topical issues too. I am not always politically correct and am certainly not bound by social conventions.

Enjoy - live, love, laugh - May xx

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