34E on Sinful Sunday

About ten days ago my man and I enjoyed a date night. It will appear on my blog soon as I have written a draft recounting the events. I usually ask him what kind of clothes he wants me to wear.

The previous date night he had requested a sexy look but this time he wanted a slut to whip and fuck. So who am I to deny him. I went off to prepare and tried out various outfits taking some selfies to check out the effect I was achieving. This was one of the blouses I considered. I Eventually went for a different outfit but thought these images were quite sexy.

Dress up – if I put a bra on it would be a 34E.

This is just a simple selfie but I like the way the blouse cannot contain my boobs.

With thanks to my blogging friend Elliott. He is an expert with intimate photos 😉 . He advised me to add a little more colour to the shots.

Kiss the lips to find out what other sinners have on offer

Sinful Sunday
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18 thoughts on “34E on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Oh, I can take no credit for this lovely image. And I agree, I definitely love the way your blouse… well, I mean about that whole containing thing. Oh, btw, is there an image forthcoming on the ‘slut to whip’ look?

  2. You know you’ve posted a great shot when your ol’ pal Nero is involuntarily licking his lips when he sees it. Yes, a Pavlovian response, I know.
    And like your other pal Elliot, I am also an expert with intimate photos. And I advise showing a bit more nipple – for purely selfish reasons! I’m told the professionals give their nips a pinch before taking the photos, but don’t let your man see you doing that or you’ll never get the shot taken!! 😀

    1. TY CP. Follow the link at the start of this post and then you go to my last date night. It’s just when we set aside time for each other to indulge – you know 😉

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