Sinful Sunday Buttons

Sinful Sunday Buttons

The world is full of different types, and uses, for buttons. We can do them up; undo them; use them as decorations. And then, of course, we all have our navel which ornaments our bodies in many different shapes and sizes.

I took this photo on a “play away” weekend with a friend, to send to my man. It suddenly occurred to me that the picture’s focus is buttons. I liked the idea that a photo taken at random found its own hidden theme.

Buttons ~ Jacket, Shirt and Tummy

sinful sunday buttons
Sinful Sunday Buttons

Kiss the lips to find out who the other sinners are today

Sinful Sunday
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21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Buttons”

    1. Well, i thought it was about time I posted an image that did not have my boobs or whips and ropes in it – just so you don’t think I walk around half dressed all the time 😉

      1. Hey, you just let me deal with the problem of imagining you walking around half dressed all the time!! It’s nothing you need concern yourself with! 😉

  1. Something about the spread of the bottom corners of your shirt that make me imagine someone ripping the rest of it open and those previous buttons clattering to the floor … Great shot.

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