Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever

Sinful Sunday Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The moment we came across this window we saw a photo opportunity open up. But we had to pick our moment. We needed to be quick and careful as the aspect was slightly within public view. My man took a few different shots, but this was the best. I really like the lighting and the shadows.

Sinful Sunday Diamonds Forever ~ A Window of Diamonds

Sinful sunday diamonds forever

Kiss the lips to find other sinners this Sunday

Sinful Sunday
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25 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Diamonds are Forever”

  1. This feels like a scene out of a raunchy unpublished Bronte novel where you’re waiting for your lover to come back.. it’s perfect. I love the colors and the white lace against the cold steel and great building.

  2. What a fabulous window and I love how the diamonds turn your body into lots of little views and the warm glow behind you just makes it feel really inviting


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