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Freedom of Expression on Sinful Sunday & SoSS

My photos taken on the moor have somewhat told my love story. From the waiting to the stagnation, to the initial togetherness and then on to the bondage. Now we move on to Freedom of expression.

This image depicts the freedom and space that my relationship has given me – free from conventional constraints. Now the only restraints I have are ropes when he ties me up!

Freedom and space to be me

Kiss the lips below to see other sinful photos – then please read on to check out the links I want to share…

Freedom of expression Sinful Sunday
Sharing our Shit

Freedom of Expression is very important and something we have been promoting with our weekly #SoSS or  #SSoS articles and Tweets.

Having been busy with family I am doing my sharing in this post. I have had limited reading time this week so I would just like to share three actual blogs as a whole, rather than particular articles or posts.

Eros, one of the main protagonists of this tag, put this Tweet out the other day…

Now that the meme is taking off, a lot of people have no idea about the #pornocalypse fighting reason for it, or about my suggestion (not prescription!) to promote self-hosted sex bloggers with it.

So with this in mind I would like to share three self-hosting blogs:

I will start with the #SSoS man himself Eros and his fantastic blog Eros Blog – he has been around since 2002 and you can read all about why and how to share our shit on a Saturday there. Plus loads of other cool and kinky stuff.

Second is Sweeten Dirty and her blog SweeteN Dirty. She really lives up to her name as she is a lovely girl with some filthy thoughts. She had been running her blog for 10 years and  I really like her yearly orgasm counter on her front page.

And last but definitely not least is Tabitha Rayne with her blog, aptly named Tabitha Rayne. There is something for everyone here with amazing photos, well written erotic stories, poems and art.

So please take time to check our these blogs and say NO to the pornocalypse!

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24 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression on Sinful Sunday & SoSS”

    1. Thank you – when i posted the first one “waiting” i could see how all the others would fit into the true story I have told over the past month or so 😉

  1. We talk about the circle of life, but life to me is more a trunk of a tree with branches, some branches are mere twigs some are strong, almost as strong as the trunk itself. You have climbed to the top, snapping some twigs along the way to reach the strength of the stronger branches. Bravo, you were right to follow that path. And on a side note a pretty hot pictures and another side note I love the effort you have put in particularly into SOSS. You are constantly commenting and praises other postings, and have really pushed the SOSS forward. As you know I rarely read blogs now and I know I owe you a few comments on some of yours but I really did like these series of pictures.

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