Sinful Sunday Overexposed and in Repose

Sinful Sunday Overexposed #335

I took this as I was about to settle down for the night yesterday evening.

Taking a look this morning I saw the light levels are wrong. By editing it to be black and white and changing the brightness it now looks overexposed. I like the effect and it feels very apt for the present time. Normally I lead a very quiet life but lately I have needed to socialise with more people than I am used to. I feel I have been overexposed and am ready to retreat.

Sinful Sunday Overexposed, in repose and ready to retreat…

sinful sunday overexposed
Sinful Sunday ~ in repose and ready to retreat

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Sinful Sunday
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15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Overexposed and in Repose”

  1. I’m obviously reading more into it because it’s just a ‘plain’ shot but… you do look sexy. Maybe it’s the hair? Maybe it’s the non smile? Maybe it’s because I didn’t get any this weekend? 😀

    As Modesty said, the photo is quite intriguing.

  2. As Modesty said, it’s an intriguing pic! I like it a lot… 🙂

    The artist is usually their own worst critic. In looking back thru my own old pics, I am finding many that I had dismissed as being poorly focused. poorly exposed, etc. Yet, I’m finding great emotion and some wonderful shots among those that I’d rejected.

    Thanks for sharing!

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