Post Coital and Naked on Sinful Sunday

All these photos from the Moor were taken mid September 2017

As I said in last weeks post, after a time of being static, I found my courage and my man and I could finally be together.

This photo typifies that initial period. Not only was I constantly satiated sexually, but also being with him seemed to literally light me up.

Overexposed and Post Coital – Moss Three – Click Photo to Enlarge

In this image, I am laying on the same mossy rock as last weeks photo. The camera in this position took in slightly too much sunlight. So, if you take a look at my first shot of this series, to the right of the composition, you can see the mound I am laying on and the sharp sunlight which lead to the overexposure of this image. My skin tone looks milky white when in fact I am always quite tanned.

But I do look very post coital 😉

Kiss the lips for other Sinful Sunday images

Post coital on Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Post Coital and Naked on Sinful Sunday

  1. This is possibly my favorite photo of you so far. Not only do you look post-coital, you also look a little post-brazilian – or maybe I’m just projecting my own wishful thinking onto the image? Your man has taken a fantastic shot and the overexposure just adds to the tease – as HCL has said above, you look like a very sexy woodland nymph.

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