Me and my Shadows on Sinful Sunday

Shadows have a tale to tell.

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Shadows Sinful Sunday
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22 thoughts on “Me and my Shadows on Sinful Sunday”

  1. I miss walking with my dog on sunny days. She was always so happy to be going for a stroll.

    I like the way your actual shadow crosses your form{s}, but I especially like how your furry “shadow” looks like she would follow you anywhere. 🙂

  2. Joining the chorus here May. Your little mate looks like s/he is in doggy heaven – nothing like going for walk with Mum. And while people usually make a fuss over my canine companion because he’s cute, I imagine people would pay attention to your shadow because you are hot!

  3. I’m not very well up on dog breeds May but the one in the picture looks splendid and clearly has eyes for you. And who wouldn’t. Your legs look ultra sexy in those splendid boots and cut-off jeans. It so good to see shadows as well. Looks like you are sporting a very fetching hat. xx

    1. Those cutoffs were my favourite jeans for many years. They fit me just right so i couldn’t bear to let them go – i cut them down and luv em still 😉

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