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This Is Him

He Is Daring and Different

Being Daring and Different Matters

To be daring and different is not the easy option in life. My man is daring and different. This role has not always been plain sailing for him but it was a decision he made a long time ago. To live his life opting to be daring and different has been his choice.

My man is exceptional. He does most things better than anyone I have ever met and will not accept mediocrity from me. He pushes me to be the best I can be, teaches me, listens to me, encourages me, observes me, infuriates me – loves me. 

Every day he endeavours to expand his knowledge to help himself, me and humanity in general. He is an individual certain of his mind and once made up he rarely changes it. He can be determined and single minded, over-opinionated, witty, childlike, serious. Many faces, never just one.

When we first got together he would reproach me if I didn’t put “us” first. Don’t get me wrong he understands that my children - young adults now - are my priority, but if we had agreed to spend time together he wanted my complete attention. If he didn’t get it he would lecture me about respect and getting things right from the start, because in his words, our relationship had the makings to be a chance of a lifetime. 

He has the finest cock. Perfect size for me, smooth, looks good in any state of tumescence and feels incredible wherever he puts it. His cock suits him. Too often a penis is an ugly organ, and so, I found, diminishes the pleasure of play. My man does not have an ugly cock, indeed there is not anything ugly about him. His skin feels perfect against mine. He hardly ever sweats so consequently does not need to wear deodorant to distort his natural body odour, which is not strong but personal to him so I can recognise it blind folded.!

Kissing is something we spend much time doing. It’s our intimacy “thing”. Sometimes we just lie in bed with our lips slightly touching, bodies entwined. He has a great mouth. His hands are clever, sensitive and knowing. When he touches me, I anticipate what is coming next and my stomach contracts in a way it has never done with another man.

I will always refer to him in my blog as “my man”. But he certainly does not belong to me. I have never met anyone before who is more his own person as much as he. He will always dare to be different, dare to be himself.

Now that you have checked him out why not check me out too.

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