5 favourite sex toys are revealed

5 favourite sex toys are revealed

Taking a peek outside has recently been quite a fraught event. Many chose to stay indoors at times, to avoid the new rules and regulations. After all, there is more than one way to bring a little sexy fun into your day.

5 Favourite Sex Toys

I asked some of my fellow lifestyle bloggers – who often buy or are gifted toys from an adult shop – what their go-to product was, and why.

Take a peek at their answers…

1) The Barefoot Sub ~ Doxy

My primary play partner is called Doxy and is wonderful. She is a weighty beast that hits all of my spots and more besides. When I need a quick, intense orgasm I lay back, spread my legs and press her firm, smooth head on my apex. If she is turned on high I can be there in minutes. When I am in the mood for something a bit more relaxed and playful she obliges too. Her deep, rumbly vibrations rattle through my body on the slower speeds happy to indulge me in my edging games.

Multi purpose Doxy

I never have to worry about switching to a patterned vibration either, no scrolling through in frustration before missing my favourite level and having to start again; up, down and off. EASY.

I know she’s not waterproof, but I have yet to blow a fuse when she gets wetter than intended!

When I am done it is easy to clean her smooth, body safe and cushioned head. Not only that but she is easy to use with protection so I can confidently tie my friends up and introduce them to the joys of multiple orgasms. And when we are tired of all the sexual pleasure she enjoys nothing more than a sensual rub down of all my muscles. The vibrations working out knots in my thighs, back and shoulders.

2) His Lordship ~ Godemeich Off-Beat

Over the years I have tried numerous ways to produce a self-orgasm. I haven’t stooped the depths of a warm apple pie, but it was considered briefly. Instead I have tried to use devices made by companies that boast to have made the next best thing to an organic orifice; however, most fail miserably. That was until I was asked to trial a protype masturbation sleeve just over a year ago, and to be honest, it does what it says on the tin!

The Godemeich ‘Off-Beat’ has been well thought out. Firstly, it’s small, soft and easy to clean which immediately ticks a box for me.

The internal moulding of the sleeve gives you continual stimulation both in a back and forth motion, and a satisfying twisting action. Being so soft there you are able to control the pressure like a second skin so as your brain gets used t a sensation you can quickly change tack.

The downside to male adult toys is that they try to be too clever. The Godemiche ‘Off-Beat’ is the opposite and allows masturbation with little preparation other than a drop of lube. Works every time for me, and I’m not a cheap date!

3) Liz Black – Satisfyer Pro 2

Over the years, I’ve tested many sex toys, seeing I’m a sex toy reviewer. Even though I’m a fan of new designs and toys with apps, the vibrators I come back to, are the simple ones.

Before I became a reviewer, the ones I used the most, usually cost less than ten Euros. And even today, my favourite one is a budget model: the Satisfyer Pro 2.

5 favourite sex toys

This was one of the first toys I tested with air pressure technology, and it was love at first sight. I’ve tested several others since, also more expensive ones, but I always come back to this one..

I like its simplicity. When it’s time for a vibrator, I’ve usually warmed up either by reading stories online or by my own fantasies (or writing ;-)). I don’t want the hassle of having to wait till it warms up or getting it inside of me with lots of lube and awkward positions. It may sound dull, but I want to be able to put the vibe to my clit and reach my orgasm within two minutes. The Satisfyer Pro 2 does this for me. The sensation mimics oral sex, and it always brings me over the edge in no time. I hope it will stay with me for a long time to come.

4) Elliott Henry – Cock Rings

It’s no secret I love cock rings.  I like the feel, whether around the base of my penis, around my scrotum or around my cock and balls.  I like the tightness and the feeling of empowerment, almost like a super hero. Hmmm… Super Cock!  

male sex toys

Cock rings make everything so much more pleasurable. And well, harder! A definite bonus at my age. I often use more than one at a time. So, I never leave home with out one or two, or three or four – how about five!

5) May More – Svakom Siren

I have reviewed a few adult toys over the years and always make the post as informal as possible. Normally writing about the sexy fun my man and I get up to with the adult toy. However, when I first played with the Siren I was spending a few days without him and from the moment I ran my fingers along the toy’s aesthetically pleasing length I knew we would become good friends.

5 favourite sex toys numbers may more 34e cleavage shot with siren dildo july 2019
Siren and Me

I think it is important to appreciate being alone and make the most of the time by doing what makes you happy. We all deserve some stress-free play. This is when the Siren satisfies me – inside and out.

You can read a little more about our intense relationship here.

There you have it – 5 bloggers, 5 favourite sex toys. Why don’t you take a peek of one and have some fun 😉

Many thanks to The Barefoot Sub, His Lordship, Elliott Henry and Liz Black for their dedicated input into this post – 5 favourite sex toys. You will find links to their blogs in their sex toy summaries above.

This post has not been sponsored in any way.

5 favourite sex toys
sex toys

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  1. I love how you have done this May, get the views from others on different toys. There should be more of these post, where people talk about their favorite toys 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Brilliant idea May … and brilliant summaries from all of your contributors.
    And may I just say that your “Siren-Cleavage” photo is just gorgeous … so stylish, so SEXY !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. It was so nice to read how everybody is different when it comes to using toys to masturbate with. Would be interesting if you did more collaborations like this. 🙂

  4. I love this idea and would second the choices of you, Barefoot and Liz as these are three of my favourites too. Always interesting to get a peek into what other are up to as well 😊

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