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Book Matters ~ A month long meme

This year I am hosting a project called Life Matters.

An ad-hoc meme which will run one month on, one month off, covering various life topics.

Book Matters is the second subject of the Life Matters meme. Please Check the Life Matters page for further information regarding the project as a whole.

At the moment many people are having to spend much more time  than usual at home. A perfect opportunity to check out books you may want to read.

Book Matters ~ runs 24th March to 20th April

Books are amazing. We can learn from them. Be entertained by them. Reading books sparks the brain synapses which in turn improves many other things. Including active vocabulary, thinking skills, and concentration. Many also believe books help us grow emotionally which has a knock on effect to how we treat people.

Let’s get reading!

Book Matters will be broken into four parts.

Every part will last a week.

You can go through to the linky tool, as each becomes live, from this post.

I am really hoping bloggers will enter their relevant posts, old and new, to create a book recommendation resource for others.

Book Matters. Will start on 24th March.

  1. Fiction Choices. 24th March – 31st March.
  2. Non-fiction Choices.  31st – 7th April.
  3. Children’s books. – 7th April – 14th April.
  4. Catch up, poetry or any books you recommend. 14th April – 20th April .
  • Older posts welcome.
  • You can link up more than once in each topic.
  • Include a book matters badge in your post.
  • If you don’t have a blog I can host your post!

Here is a choice of two Book Matters badges.

If you copy the code remember to paste it into your post in text/html mode.

If you are saving the badge itself, rather than the code, please make sure you link it back to this page – – so that when people read your post they will know exactly where to mind similar resources.





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6 thoughts on “Book Matters ~ A month long meme”

  1. I have the new Debbie Harry autobiography. I should persevere – only up to Page 7 and then I stopped.

  2. Oooh I love books… I will definitely take part. I have some posts I can link already but I will also try and do something new! Thank you as well for sharing news of the new meme ??

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