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Thoughts of 2021 and 2022

I am not really sure what will be in this post. It isn’t preprepared, written in word, and then copied over. It is just me writing my thoughts.


In my last post, I mentioned how I hadn’t felt comfortable writing exactly what I wanted to, on my blog. To a certain extent, I was censoring myself. I just didn’t need the hassle of do-gooders or virtue signallers getting on my case if I stepped out of line in terminology or opinion. So I wrote less. But that does not mean I wasn’t productive. I have been mega productive in 2021.

As well as a much-needed move of home due to health reasons I have:

I did take a break from my meme 4 thoughts and have not really taken many erotic images but, the grass has certainly not been growing under my feet…


Is here! So looking forward…

My Blog

I may share more of my Medium work on here. Some is dark erotica / transgressive, but I will make sure content warnings are in place.

I intend to get back to writing more on my blog too. However, I have a feeling much of it will be reflective, such as about life things that are affecting me. I have been enjoying sex things, but at the moment – the way my mindset is regarding the world – I have no inclination to write about it. Although erotic fiction will still play a part here, I am sure.

The last year was mentally tough for many reasons, and taking sexy images didn’t figure at all. And at this moment I have no desire to return to that area of creativity. But I suppose one should, never say never. I do have a few unseen photos taken in 2019/20 that I will probably share and would always rather use a picture of myself, or someone I know, to head a post than take one from a free image site.

4 Thoughts

My meme will be back very soon. I have a new idea that I think will work for many writers, but still stays in keeping with the reason f4tfriday was set up in the first place many years ago by Kilted Wookie – to get you thinking.

Life Matters, the ad-hoc resource meme I have run from Sex Matters, is set to return for a month. TBH I think at the moment my whole blog should be called Life Matters rather than Sex Matters. Although, getting both life and sex right can contribute to your happiness and mental well-being 🙂

NB: Recently, I have put several of my more explicit blog writing/images under a password for personal reasons. If you want to view them, you can buy be a coffee, (it takes time to keep creative endeavours going and although money can’t buy time, it helps to fund caffeine!) With coffee in hand I will email you the password.

Many thanks to all of you who have kept reading my work over these past difficult years…

2021 2022

Party All Night Long

2021 has been an odd year for so many people. Add on the knocks you would have received anyhow and those that came courtesy of the new world we are having to live in, and, I expect most of us will want to cheer off 2021 in the hope 2022 will be better.

I will admit that this year I have felt differently about many things. The restrictions plus what happened within the blogging community in 2020 have had a knock on effect and I suppose basically left me in a position where I didn’t actually feel totally safe sharing what I wanted to, on my blog. I began to censor what I was posting. This is the reason I have simply loved my time on the Medium platform.

I know many people don’t understand the fascination with Medium. I was like that too. But it soon became a place where I felt safe writing what I wanted to write. Without censoring my feelings or the content within my fiction. It feels like a community, within walls. It has enabled me to regain my community confidence, which hopefully will see me back to sharing more on my blog in 2022. Although, I am a believer that nothing stays the same, and it’s important to evolve. But my blog can help me do that. My space…

Blogable is also evolving. Which I am excited about too.

It’s My Party

New Year’s Eve is seen as party time for so many. Imagine I was having a blogger/writer party, I would certainly want to invite many of those I’ve already met or work with online.

  • These five people – friends/colleagues – would be at the very top of the list. I’ve met two of them and I would LOVE to meet the remaining three.
  • Other bloggers I have already spent a little time with, Eye, Cousin Pons, Missy, HL and Eve, would be there as well. However, there would be a few I’ve met who wouldn’t get past the bouncer 🙂
  • If you are a guy who wears panties – consider your invite in the post.

But then, counting the cards, I see I’ve only 12 invitations left to go to writers I admire and would love to meet… Here’s who’d they’d be sent to.

Dirty Dozen

  1. Jor Adams – A wonderfully creative and special person.
  2. Modesty Ablaze – I have total admiration for this woman.
  3. Barefoot – I think she has a pure soul and is a terrific writer.
  4. Snake and Charmer – What a couple. They could dance at my party!
  5. Mrs Fever – A unique writer and generous person.
  6. Marsha Adams – A intricate person and top-notch writer.
  7. Nero Black – A party would not be a party without him!
  8. Kinky Katie – An instinctive writer who I think I would get on with.
  9. Francesca Demont – A fantastic, gorgeous and intelligent human.
  10. Mila – She will always have a special place in my heart.
  11. Brigit Delaney – Kind of fascinates me, and what an amazing fiction writer.
  12. David Mei – I think I’d really enjoy a conversation with David.

Thank you to all who have supported my blog or me over the last few years. It is always appreciated… Where ever you are in the world and what ever you are doing, I wish you a happy new year…

I also have a blog roll of sorts here…

NB: this post was really meant to be ready last week for Marie’s 500th prompt, but it works well enough for this one too…