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Blogging Advice ~ Enjoy what you do

I’ve heard of blogger burn out but never really experienced it. I’ve had moments where I haven’t wanted to be online for various reasons, so stayed off for a few day. As far as writers block is concerned I’ve been lucky as it has never really been an issue for me. You could say blogging has been my passion.

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Virgin at 41 – can YOU imagine what it must feel like?


True Story

I am always very flattered when I receive mail after someone has read one of my posts. A few weeks ago Rob wrote very candidly to me about his past. With his consent I am now sharing his message with all of you.

Does sex matter? Reckon it does.

I am Rob, a 41-year-old guy and a VIRGIN – yes that’s right still a virgin at 41. There I said it took a little bit, (took some cajones though and mine are like beach balls at the moment).

It’s incredibly frustrating, lonely, crushing – the adjectives are truly endless. I have never been kissed or, touched. Certainly not shagged, how the fuck can you work with that?

This site drew me like a beacon, not because of what you do or are into, more about the CONTEXT, frank discussion without fear of embarrassment.

Imagine having your sexual desires, needs repressed, not explored for 25 + years?

Being a virgin at 41 is fucking painful indeed.

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