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Exploring Anal Play Toys, Anal Play & Anal Sex

Anal Play and Penetration

There are two things I know about anal sex. The first is that most people seem to have a huge fascination with it. The second thing is that anybody who receives anal sex or anal play in general, should be careful regarding how the act is carried out, and follow necessary precautions or advice to ensure that the delicate cavity is not harmed in anyway. Continue reading Exploring Anal Play Toys, Anal Play & Anal Sex

Missing Monique ~ A short Story

In hindsight I can’t really say anything special had ever happened to me until I met Monique. Or Nique. But I am jumping ahead as she only used to call herself that when we were, well, fucking. Damn. Now you know we were lovers and I have taken all the anticipation out of this tale. But, you’ll have to wait to learn how we loved. It was ten years ago and I still get off on the memories from that time. Particularly when I’m in the shower, stroking my dick. The spurting hot water from the head pummels my knob and I can never hold back as I recall that first time I laid eyes on her.

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