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Rite of Confession

I was brought up a catholic and the religion did install various rituals in me. Thankfully, I have now absolved my self of most of them. One ritual lasted until I was a late teen – going to confession. I remember the process well and those memories inspired this piece of naughty fiction.

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Lapsed Catholic on Church Beliefs ~ Guest Post

When Lapsed Catholic read and messaged me regarding my Church Fornication post from Wicked Wednesday, I was delighted to get her opinion. It’s not the same as mine but it is the individual experiences we all have had that make us different and shape what we believe. Everybody has a right to share their own opinion which is why I was keen for Lapsed Catholic to write this guest post. It is almost the yin to my yang.

Lapsed Catholic is on Twitter – we both welcome any comments at the end of this article

Guest Post by Lapsed Catholic for Wicked Wednesday #278

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Sinful Sunday Church Attire ~ Sinners dress code

Sinful Sunday Church Attire #337

If I was going to mass would I wear this outfit under my coat? I very much doubt it. Many years have passed since I attended a church service for any reason. Recently I wrote about having sex in a desolate church. In that article I published one of the photos taken that evening and here is another one.

Sinful Sunday Church Attire For Sinners

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