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Couples That Play Together, Stay Together ~ Guest Post

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This guest post makes a lot of sense to me. It is important to communicate with your partner and have fun together sexually…. May More

How the Use of Sex Toys Can Boost Your Relationship

Sex toys are still a slightly taboo subject, however, as some studies suggest, this is starting to change – especially since they are not exclusive to single people; many couples are using them to make their sex life more exciting. Adult toys can help spice things up a little, especially for couples in a long-term relationship. After all, how long can you enjoy the same positions over and over again, right?

Orgasms Are Cool

Did you know that many women can’t experience an orgasm with only vaginal penetration? They must help themselves with the stimulation of the clitoris. They can do it by themself or ask their partner for help. The latter improves communication, as they need to express the desire to do so to their partner. It is actually proven that couples who are using sex toys have fewer problems talking about what they need in bed or how they like stuff to be done. Twenty-nine percent of them have no problem communicating what to do. As for those who don’t use them – only 17% admit to being able to talk openly about their needs.

More Excitement Together

After doing the same thing over and over again, people tend to get bored. Sex, although pleasurable, is no exception. The mundane routine in bed can be a killer for long relationships. Despite loving your partner, you may feel as if something is missing. Using toys together and trying new things might help with that. Maybe mutual masturbation? You can find toys suited for both of your needs. Talk about your kinks and fantasies, and you are bound to find something that mutually turns you on.

Less Pressure

Have you ever felt like you have to do better, despite already being so exhausted? Don’t worry! It happens to all of us! But sometimes, it may cause bad feelings, especially for your partner who still wants more. With the use of toys, you can make the evening fun and pleasurable, even if you have troubles with performing longer.

Sex toys, like everything in life, must be chosen carefully. Before you decide which ones to buy, try reading about different materials they are made from, determine what will suit you the best, and what shape and size you want to start with. For more information about safe sex toys, you can check out the infographic prepared by Adult Toy Shop.

Play together

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Taking Care to get it right before and after play

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There’s a lot to be said for scheduling sex nights. My man and I call them date nights as the end result does not have to be intercourse. The aim is to enjoy the type of interaction we don’t always have time for – exploring our kinks. But at first we didn’t realise how much care should be taken before and after the sexy action.

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Best Topics Of Conversation For Video Chat Girls

This is a Guest Post about how to talk to video chat girls.

Getting it on with video chat girls

The Internet has really changed the way that people are communicating these days. Heck, it has completely transformed it. Not only does it make communicating with people all hours of the day and night easier, but it just makes communication in general easier. You don’t have that same awkwardness or hesitation that you would have when chatting in person. This is even true when trying to approach girls.

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Don’t apologise for your Kink ~ Talk about it

We all like to indulge ourselves. On a now and then basis it should be part of a person’s self care and certainly not something to be sorry for. But I would think types of indulgence are purely personal. After all what is one man’s meat may be another man’s poison.

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