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The one where Jane wears a corset ~ Flash Part 11

Check out all the other episodes here. Each is below 500 words. But in a nut shell here’s what has happened so far…

Previously... Gen left her friend’s pyjama party on a dare to visit the unknown Mr Roberts across the road. However, her mates don’t realise that he and Gen know each other from ten years ago. She disappeared inside his house to meet Mr Robert’s gorgeous grandson. After a few G & Ts the three of them begin a strip card game. And advance to all being topless – with Gen and Jacob sitting in their knickers and boxers.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. While Mr Roberts answered the door to Gen’s two friends, Jacob and her make their get away up the stairs and end up getting passionate on the bed. While Jacob’s cock is smaller than the average pecker he is more than happy to please Gen by wearing her panties and putting his tongue to good use! Just after Gen lays back satiated there is a knock on the door. The others. She tells them she will be down soon and to send Anne for gin. Mr Roberts seems more than happy that he is to have Jane to himself.

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