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Such a Dirty Bitch Deserves to be Whipped and Scratched

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Bondage Alfresco Style ~ Collared & tied.

Bondage Alfresco Style

Bondage Alfresco Style – He’s back. He lifts the skirt of my dress and sighs taking a moment to absorb my lace top stockings, suspender belt and appealing knickers. Then fastening my dress to my waist with a clip he reaches for the whip.

Bondage Alfresco Style

Recreational Sex or Bondage Alfresco Style

Let’s rewind – I am getting ahead of myself. I want to talk about recreational sex. In this day and age people work extremely hard for most of the year- finding little leisure time. Their sex lives may suffer because of this. When time and tiredness are everyday issues sexual relations are often hurried and run of the mill –if they happen at all. Of course this not only means that the relationship with your significant other is put under strain, but your personal health and well being could be affected too. Studies have shown that close and satisfying sexual relationships contribute to your vigour. Continue reading Bondage Alfresco Style ~ Collared & tied.