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Multiple Wet Dreams – Sex while you sleep

I felt extremely horny. The date with Ashley had left me feeling as hot as hell. He was very good-looking with such a fit body. Yet when it came down to sex he just could not deliver.  Now alone in my bed I licked my fingers and put my hands between my legs. Finding my clitoris, I began to rhythmically rub – thrusting my pelvis upwards. I had him in my mind’s eye, the way he looked, but now he was passionately thrusting his cock into me while staring assiduously into my eyes. Mine were shut as I began to cum. Bloody hell it was such a relief. I needed it so badly. Then something strange happened – I kept rubbing to gently complete the orgasm when I felt my body go into a second climatic spasm! I rolled along with it, eventually becoming still on my bed, exhausted.

Multiple Orgasms

The above rendition happened when I was in my early 20’s and until a few weeks ago it was the only time I remember having two orgasms in sequence.  I’ve read about women who have the ability to climax a second time immediately after the first during a sex session.  This is described as having multiple orgasms. Apart from the above, I will admit it’s something that in the main has eluded me. But hey, I also know of a woman who does not climax at all, and my single orgasms are often pretty intense, so I don’t really feel  I’ve missed out by not achieving the multiple.

Sleep Sex

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Looking back on the above occasion, I think I was so fired up having been with this really gorgeous lad that one climax was not enough. Nowadays, I climax when I need, with my man or by my own hand. But sometimes when I am exhausted, or have been ill, I may not be able to come, life gets in the way. That was the case a few weeks ago, and one morning after my man had got up; I fell into a light sleep.  I began to dream that he and I were naked with another female. She was athletic and blond. We were all sitting together on a long sofa with my man in the middle. Now I know that if he reads this, he will be hoping I am about to write that we both simultaneously began to lick his cock whilst fondling each other. But that didn’t happen. In my subconscious, I obviously felt that I lacked attention, as what did happen next was all about me.

Multiple Wet Dreams

He put his right arm around my shoulder, fondling my breast as we began to kiss. His left hand went between my legs and his fingers slipped into my cunt. Now covered in my juices, he began to massage my clitoris. All the while, this other female – who incidentally was a complete stranger – looked on whilst touching herself. Within the dream, I thrust my pubic bone against my man’s hand as he continued to caress me. Slowly I began to cum. I felt the orgasm within the wet-dream and it also reached the consciousness of my waking self – in reality, I threw my hips in an upward motion to make the most of the orgasm.

Back to Dream Land

I promptly went back down into my dream again and as my climax was ending my man reached for the other woman and pulled her over, placing her hand between my thighs. She began to play with my clitoris whilst looking intently at me. Within a few seconds, I found myself cumming again. To my delight, I think it happened three times. I woke briefly –smiling- and was so relaxed from the sensation that I fell back to sleep.

Dream Fuck Buddy

When I roused myself fully I pondered over what had happened. I used to have regular wet dreams during infrequent sexual activity.  At one point many years ago I even had a dream fuck buddy for such occasions. He was a friend of my partners. So I didn’t tell him.  But I never had multiple wet dreams.

What about you?

This post, originally published in June 2017, but has been edited and updated for Wicked Wednesday and MMMondays…