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Moonlight ~ A Flash Erotic Story

Written to the prompt of the subtitle below – 345 words.

Flannel, Farms, and Photographs

“Let me make sure I got this right. You want me to meet you on the edge of the farm, near the barn, at midnight, so you can take some naked photographs of me by moonlight. Is that right?”

“In a nutshell. And don’t be late.” Jet kissed my hand and left me sitting in the pub nursing the rest on my lager.

I’d only known him for a few weeks and liked what I saw. He was a photographer, adventurous, hot and available. To say I wanted to get in his boxes was an understatement. I wanted him in me. Filling my cunt and gripping my throat. But for the moment it seemed like I’d have to make do with some fun under the light of the moon. And who knew where that may lead?

My family owned the farm on the edge of the village. Everyone was in bed by ten. Which meant it was easy to nip out at the stroke of midnight in my flannel PJs and wellie boots. Jet was waiting, all smiles and tripod.

I quickly disposed of my nightwear, thankful it was a warm night, and posed against the grubby steel outside the barn and then inside, laying on the scratchy hay.

Jet busily snapped away with his camera until I decided to add a bit of fun to the proceedings. I opened my legs slightly. Sure that the moonlight, peeping through the open barn door, would highlight my shaved mons and slit, which I could tell would be glistening with the product of my arousal at the thought of Jet being able to see the most intimate part of me.

“Oh, perfect.” he murmured, putting his camera down.

Within moments, he was naked, his cock proudly leading the way as without any messing he knelt astride and greedily took what I was offering. Hand around my neck as he pounded me into the bale beneath us.

That was last week. Tomorrow we are meeting for some nude photos in the graveyard – yeah you got it, at midnight, the bewitching hour. Can’t wait.

Moonlight FFF #14
Mmm Mondays
Naked in the moonlight

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Great Medium Writing ~ Sharing Stories

In the olden days I used to publish sharing posts each month. I did it for a long time. In fact I have a whole category dedicated to them. I stopped because of a prickly community situation. But I, and many others, moved away from the spikes and so once again I’ve decided that – now and then – I will share other writers work on my blog.

Great Writing on Medium

I would like to start by thanking Asrai. She continually shares and supports the writing community which to be honest has inspired this article.

One big change in my writing life is Medium. At the start of the year Posy and I started a magazine – Tantalizing Tales – on Medium, for fiction writing. The main themes are Erotica, Supernatural, Sci-fi and Historical fiction. Or a story which mixes these elements would be perfect. We were determined for the publication to succeed so asked Liz Blackx and Mrs k to join us. The four of us have worked hard to make it a success and in just seven months we have arrived at these amazing statistics.

Last 3 months – Daily views on Tantalizing Tales

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As a way of thanking the Tantalizing Tales writers who have written with us recently I want to share a selection of their stories published on our magazine, and elsewhere.

But, I will start with some of my own.

Recent Medium Stories by me

Often the stories I publish on Medium are taken from my blog. Which Medium allows. But recently I have written some especially for Medium or published some older ones that aren’t on my blog. Here are some you may like.


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A two part story – Lust in a hot Climate – which involves age gap sex and a threesome or two.

Erotic tales of mine with a bit of humour…

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Sharing from my Medium Community

Here are some stories — hand picked by me —  written by regular Ttales writers who have published with us recently. The shared posts may not necessarily be on the magazine so tread carefully as many have been writing very personal tales. What they all have in common is great writing!

Shared Erotica from other writers

By Donal Greigh
By Asrai Devin
By Mrs k
By Kiki Wellington
By Solomon Sinn
By Heather Kinnane
By Teddi Lawless

Recent personal Stories from other writers…

By Liz Blackx
By Posy churchgate
Personal & fiction By Marie Rebelle

I do hope you have time to read some of these posts. As I said they have been chosen for excellent writing and/or story telling. To finish I include an amazing erotic series by Patricia Ray. Each is a stand alone tale so you can pick and choose or I recommend starting at episode 1 and dont stop until you reach the current one. Which at time of writing was 21! If you like a longer very erotic read – here’s your chance…. LeatherBound Diaries.

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Smut Marathon Round Six

Smut Marathon Round Six ~ Standing Ovation

When I received the prompt for the smut marathon round six I thought about it for some time. We had been told to create a story of no more than 650 words, and to include the phrase Fortune Cookie. This left it wide open,  in many ways making it harder to write an entry.

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Smut Marathon Round Five

Smut Marathon Round Five

Somehow I came through Smut Marathon Round Five being third in the public vote and with two of the judges voting for me. My points for the round totalled 10.2 – my best result – and I moved up to 11th place (out of 25). I was naturally very happy. Continue reading Smut Marathon Round Five