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Why Male Escorts Are Just Right For Single Female Entrepreneurs.

I am very pleased to welcome back Simon from Gentleman for Hire, with another Guest Post about Male Escorts.

Are you a professional woman looking for companionship but not ready to settle down?

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Getting Wet and Dirty in April

Part One : A Golden Opportunity

Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay — Adapted by the author

I’d just come in from turning over the flower bed at the bottom of the garden, and for some reason the exercise plus the smell of the soil had made me horny as fuck.

April. I’ve got an idea.” I grinned over at my wife.

“Hello darling. I’m all ears.”

But I have to say she was lying. My loving wife was more like tits, arse and cunt — and always up for some kinky fun.

“I’m sweaty and grimy from working in the garden. The month of April has arrived, but without the showers. How about I lay on the grass while you clean me up a bit?”

And I wasn’t talking about hooking up the hose. There was nothing quite as dirty and hot as April straddling my body, squatting and letting her steaming, golden juice rain over me.

Without saying a word, she chased me outside to a secluded spot, both of us stripping as we ran. Then I laid on the lush, cool grass while April showered me down…

Part Two: Dirty in April: Planting the Bed with Seed

I can’t help myself. Ever since I dug over that patch of earth at the bottom of the garden, so it is pure dirt waiting to be planted, I have had one only thought on my mind… I want to, I need to, I must… lay in the soil naked and cover myself with the moist cool mud. Sooth my body and soul.

It has been a warm springtime, and I often wake a little hot and sweaty from having my darling wife’s sensual body near, heating my loins. Today, my cock’s lively, but April isn’t. After last night’s shower fun, she is dead to the world, and her sleepy noises tell me that my cock caressing her arse would not be welcome.

I slip out of bed and see the sun rising above the hill on the horizon. I don’t need to do much, I just put on my trainers and tiptoe down the stairs. Once at the back door, I literally run to the end of the garden. Without hesitation, I kick off my shoes and fling myself onto the empty flower bed. Then turning on to my back, I cover my loins with the dirt, rubbing it between my thighs — feeling dirty. Quickly my rod is as hard as steel and with just a few pumps I shower the flower bed with seed…

These flash tales first appeared as part of a newsletter on medium promoting the prompt of April Showers for Redemption Magazine.

Marsha has followed this prompt here with the start of a fab golden showers story.

Read another golden shower story here and about my personal experience with the taboo act here…

Header image by Photo by KoolShooters – adapted by May More.

Curious about Golden Showers

Multiple Wet Dreams – Sex while you sleep

I felt extremely horny. The date with Ashley had left me feeling as hot as hell. He was very good-looking with such a fit body. Yet when it came down to sex he just could not deliver.  Now alone in my bed I licked my fingers and put my hands between my legs. Finding my clitoris, I began to rhythmically rub – thrusting my pelvis upwards. I had him in my mind’s eye, the way he looked, but now he was passionately thrusting his cock into me while staring assiduously into my eyes. Mine were shut as I began to cum. Bloody hell it was such a relief. I needed it so badly. Then something strange happened – I kept rubbing to gently complete the orgasm when I felt my body go into a second climatic spasm! I rolled along with it, eventually becoming still on my bed, exhausted.

Multiple Orgasms

The above rendition happened when I was in my early 20’s and until a few weeks ago it was the only time I remember having two orgasms in sequence.  I’ve read about women who have the ability to climax a second time immediately after the first during a sex session.  This is described as having multiple orgasms. Apart from the above, I will admit it’s something that in the main has eluded me. But hey, I also know of a woman who does not climax at all, and my single orgasms are often pretty intense, so I don’t really feel  I’ve missed out by not achieving the multiple.

Sleep Sex

Copyright May More

Looking back on the above occasion, I think I was so fired up having been with this really gorgeous lad that one climax was not enough. Nowadays, I climax when I need, with my man or by my own hand. But sometimes when I am exhausted, or have been ill, I may not be able to come, life gets in the way. That was the case a few weeks ago, and one morning after my man had got up; I fell into a light sleep.  I began to dream that he and I were naked with another female. She was athletic and blond. We were all sitting together on a long sofa with my man in the middle. Now I know that if he reads this, he will be hoping I am about to write that we both simultaneously began to lick his cock whilst fondling each other. But that didn’t happen. In my subconscious, I obviously felt that I lacked attention, as what did happen next was all about me.

Multiple Wet Dreams

He put his right arm around my shoulder, fondling my breast as we began to kiss. His left hand went between my legs and his fingers slipped into my cunt. Now covered in my juices, he began to massage my clitoris. All the while, this other female – who incidentally was a complete stranger – looked on whilst touching herself. Within the dream, I thrust my pubic bone against my man’s hand as he continued to caress me. Slowly I began to cum. I felt the orgasm within the wet-dream and it also reached the consciousness of my waking self – in reality, I threw my hips in an upward motion to make the most of the orgasm.

Back to Dream Land

I promptly went back down into my dream again and as my climax was ending my man reached for the other woman and pulled her over, placing her hand between my thighs. She began to play with my clitoris whilst looking intently at me. Within a few seconds, I found myself cumming again. To my delight, I think it happened three times. I woke briefly –smiling- and was so relaxed from the sensation that I fell back to sleep.

Dream Fuck Buddy

When I roused myself fully I pondered over what had happened. I used to have regular wet dreams during infrequent sexual activity.  At one point many years ago I even had a dream fuck buddy for such occasions. He was a friend of my partners. So I didn’t tell him.  But I never had multiple wet dreams.

What about you?

This post, originally published in June 2017, but has been edited and updated for Wicked Wednesday and MMMondays…


Hold Me Closer

It was the last time…

I picked Emily up after the dance recital. Her parents had said to take her straight home.

“No disrespect Jimmy, but a bum like you isn’t good enough for our Emily. Bring her back from class, a chance to say goodbye. We’re leaving for the south of France tomorrow. Our summer break will give you the chance to move on. Get a new girl. When we come back, Emily starts with The National. There won’t be time for boyfriends.”

Didn’t they realise watching her dance filled me with pride. She was my tiny dancer.

We’d met last summer in town when I finished a gig at the Empire — I didn’t get many. After, she was waiting by my car with her pirate’s smile, “I like how you play the guitar. It’s part of you. You play from the inside… out.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I liked the way she felt — from the outside, in — as I pulled down her blue jeans and fucked her on the back seat later that night.

Now ten months on, driving away from the theatre, I tell her this is meant to be our last time.

Tears stream down her face. But she understands. Her parents only want the best for her.

“NO!” I shout. “Let’s go. Leave. Just the two of us. Together.”

I can’t bear to be without her.

“That’s not right Jimmy. I have to dance.”

My eyes sting, as I fight back the hurt.

I pull up in the car park of our deserted small town beach. Leaning over, I gently lick the salty tears from her face. My hand begins to shake as I trace the curve of her breast, up across her clavicle to meet the soft area at the base of her throat.

Softly, our lips meet.

It’s the only way… With increasing pressure, I slowly, but resolutely, strangle the life from my tiny dancer — sucking the last breath out of her, as we kiss.

And now, she’s in me.

I start up the engine. Stroke her delicate, motionless fingers. Put my foot on the accelerator, and speed towards the cliff edge.

We crash through the wooden fence and glide through the air — nothing but the sea below — the sky above — and tiny dancer in my hand.

Flying. Dancing.

Always with me…

Header Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

This Story was inspired by Tiny Dancer, a song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

Hold me Closer first appeared on my Medium profile. If you would like to read everyone’s Medium stories, it only costs a little over one dollar a week. By using my referral link, you directly support me & other writers.

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What is the? Role of Sex Toys in a Relationship

There’s no denying it – adult toys are getting more and more popular. Research shows that the taboos surrounding them are disappearing as more people express an interest in ‘sextech’. Sexual enjoyment is improved when we enhance our physical pleasure. But what role do sex toys really play in a couple’s relationship? Here is some research to shed light on the matter.

The Research Speaks

A wide-ranging, statistically representative study examined the frequency of vibrator use among heterosexual men. The results seemed perplexing at first: men who had never used them reported higher satisfaction levels than those who had. Researchers reached the conclusion that men who had used vibrators because they felt they would improve their partner’s experience or at their partner’s suggestion believed using a sex toy reflected poorly on their sexual abilities. Seeing as nobody wants to feel they’re bad in bed, the fact that their sexual satisfaction remained low is understandable, even self-explanatory.

Common Misconceptions About Sex Toys

At the core of the above problem is the prevailing misconception that only men who can’t satisfy their partners resort to male sex toys. In fact, these men are more likely to want to increase their partner’s satisfaction. Another misguided belief is that only women who can’t experience pleasure with a partner use toys. While this may be true in some cases, it’s far from true for all women who use them.

Some men feel threatened by their partner’s use of a sex toy, like it could replace them, or that their partner will become dependent on the toy for orgasm or arousal. Men who use toys with a partner do not risk feeling unsatisfied or inferior by any means. Research also shows that men who regularly use dildos or other toys on their partners experience more powerful orgasms, better erectile function, and greater sexual desire compared to men who have never used them.

The Role of Sexual Orientation

A study by Vanessa Shick, Ph.D. showed that women who didn’t identify as heterosexual used sex toys more often. There is a pronounced difference, in fact: 86% of bisexual and lesbian women reported having used a toy compared to just over half of straight women. What’s more, non-straight women experienced much more sexual satisfaction after use. Women who identified as queer or lesbian and used vibrators experienced less pain than those who didn’t use any.

Buying a Toy is Healthy for a Relationship

Even the act of purchasing a sex toy can be linked to more and better communication. If you’re shopping for a toy with your partner, being open about your needs is essential. A lot of couples decide to include toys for the effect of novelty – to keep things exciting or make them more so. Others will forgo them in favour of trying new positions or locations to have sex. A study showed about three-quarters of couples try different positions to make sex more fun.

Introducing Toys to Your Partner

Communication is the be-all and end-all when it comes to introducing toys in the bedroom, regardless of whether you’ve never used any or are trying a new kind of toy. Here are some tips on how to introduce toys to your partner.

Build up Excitement

To create anticipation of something positive in your partner, tell them why you feel they’ll enjoy using a new toy. You could share visuals to make it easier for them to see themselves using it. Talk about how much you want to share this new and novel experience. Make sure they understand what you want to do. Think about their pleasure apart from your own, no matter whether you’ll be using the toy at the same time, they’ll be using it on you, or only you on them.

If they agree and you get the toy, ensure they’re enjoying themselves by communicating. Just ask if they’re enjoying it, how they feel, etc. A few simple questions will get you far.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Your partner won’t necessarily react positively to a sex toy as a surprise ‘present’, especially a very large dildo or something overly complex. If neither of you have experience with these things, get something for beginners. Some toys will take you time to learn how to operate, and sexual satisfaction will diminish.

Safety is Crucial

Don’t cut corners here – cheap toys are not only low quality, but also dangerous. PVC and jelly are porous (bacteria-infested, impossible to clean) or contain harmful chemicals. If you’re going to be sharing the toy, use protection. Dildos with real feel skin are perfectly safe for your body. These dildos have the advantage of being ultra-realistic with squeezable balls, multiple vibrator modes, and squirting function (liquid, lubricant, or semen simulant). They are a great way to ease premature ejaculation.

If you share toys without disinfecting or using condoms on them, you run the risk of contracting an STD provided your partner has one. Yes, the transition isn’t always smooth when you put on condoms and then take them off or disinfect the toy every time, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Be Open to Exploring

Couples who are disinclined to explore new modes of intimacy tend to struggle with maintaining libido and passion. What’s more, relationship satisfaction suffers in the long term. A 2016 study found that people who reported sexual and relationship satisfaction also used sex toys together more frequently. They also did other things together – trying new positions, taking a shower together, scheduling a date, or scheduling sex.

Final Thoughts on the Role of Sex Toys in a Relationship

It’s perfectly reasonable to shop for toys together as long as you would like to explore. That has never been easier as every single toy you can imagine is available for purchase online. That’s very comforting for people who are shy about taking this step. With time, you and your partner will learn what each of you like and enjoy. You’ll also find out what you need when it comes to pleasuring yourself. This can be vastly different from what you like when you’re together.

This guest post was written and sponsored by Hot Cherry.

Mmm Mondays: Role of Sex Toys in a Relationship