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The Curse. Part Four ~ Alice in Wonderland

This series is all about Eddie who desires to lick a woman whilst she is menstruating. It empowers him so he becomes fixated on it – also being drawn by his acute sense of smell. Continue reading The Curse. Part Four ~ Alice in Wonderland

Whispered Obscenities ~ Suggestive Erotica

I’d seen him a few weeks before – we had a mutual friend. It was then he’d caught my eye – his were dark and brooding. Tonight I chose to sit next to him. Someone began to place the drinks down on our large table and we all took our respective tipple. I felt a little dazed as I could smell him. Not an aftershave or cologne, him. I could smell his body, his sex, his love of life and women. My heart involuntarily beat faster. Continue reading Whispered Obscenities ~ Suggestive Erotica