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Farewell to the Fabulous Fiction Relay

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed hosting the Fiction Relay and also collaborating with all of you fabulous writers. Thank you so much EVERYONE for giving your time to the project.

I am going to list my favourite bit from each of your episodes but first an extra little shout out to say how grateful I am to…

  • Toolie for providing us with a PDF of the whole fiction relay saga. If you have not got your copy please DM him on Twitter.
  • Liz for coming in at the last minute and writing an extra episode.
  • Snake Charmer for rewriting history when I realised I had bought a man (Yarnold) back from the dead in my final episode. And no Jesus was not in the story 😉

Body Count

The body count ended up, one way or another, at seven. Please say if I have missed anyone.

  • Susie.
  • Steve
  • Steve’s Dad
  • Ken
  • Sonia
  • Carla
  • Boo Boo the first

So, onto my favourite lines, for what ever reason. Maybe they made me smile, shocked me or bought tears to my eyes. The name of the author will be linked back to the quoted episode.

Favourite Quotes from the Fabulous Fiction Relay

Content Notice – some quotes may shock sensitive readers.

Part One

He’d unzip and I’d have to give him a blow job on the journey, trying not to giggle if the car went over bumps. When we parked outside the house he’d hold my head firmly in place and with a couple more thrusts, shoot his lot down my throat.

May More

Part Two

On her eleventh birthday we went to the local Indian restaurant in Ripley. The Blissful Balti. It’s a bit creased now but there’s a great shot of Susie and Ellie splitting their sides at my expense. I didn’t realise the Madras curry would be quite so hot.

Cousin Pons

Part Three

So many things he wished he had done differently; eaten less, exercised more. Stopped smoking, no better yet, never started in the first place he thought. Perhaps then his arteries wouldn’t be clogged with cholesterol and he would not need the double bypass surgery that was forcing him into retirement. Phil looked at the crime scene photos, they were clinical, emotionless. His memories were anything but.

Sweet Girl

Part Four

Steve lay alone in the double bed of the master bedroom, thinking, hearing Ellie snoring in the next room. He masturbated, to Ellie, to Sam the escort he still saw occasionally, to…… but his heart wasn’t in it.


Part Five

I woke up and found dad passed out on the couch. It was clear he had been drinking, but it was also evident that he was with a woman. Lipstick stains were all over his white collared shirt and his hair appeared to be a mess.

sass c

Part Six

The smell of stale beer and fried food greet Ellie, she is glad for the darkness in The Old Black Swan, nobody would see that she had been crying. Dave was waiting at a table in a rear corner, the pint of ale in front of him barely touched. He hated the waiting.

Elliott Henry

Part Seven

Ken takes a step toward Ellie, his eyes fixated on her breasts spilling over the hem of the low-cut dress. His tongue comes out to wet his lips, like a serpent tasting the air. Ellie steps back, suddenly cautious. The tension between the two amps up. She can feel it, like a corporeal yet invisible barrier, pressing on her, making her senses heighten.

Mrs K

Part Eight

The screaming man is now almost silent; making soft gurgling noises as his lungs fill with blood. Steve is faced down and snoring loudly, which Ellie finds oddly amusing. It is only when she starts to shake violently from both shock and the cold night air does reality rush in to fill the vacuum.

His Lordship

Part Nine

Bill stuffed the candy wrappers into his plastic bag. The park should be tidy. Empty wrappers on the ground were dirty and wrong. Boo-Boo liked eating wrappers. That was wrong. Dogs can get sick. Cats can get sick. Bill laughed out loud. Dogs and cats hate each other, but both can get sick.

Liz Black

Part Ten

Ellie’s innocence had drawn the lads but she steadfastly declined to take things further than an under-clothes fumble. Carla was the one who took them home and eased the pressure of their blue balls. Ellie was not so innocent now. Having always confided in Carla, she’d become queen of the blow job and swallow, thanks to tips from her more experienced friend.

Posy Churchgate

Part Eleven

So, Bill insisted on speaking to Phil Walker. He was the only one who had listened to him. Detective Phil had bought him new football stickers in their pretty, shiny pack. Brought him hot chocolate and cheese sandwiches when he got sad and hungry. Detective Phil had looked after Boo-boo. He was a good and kind man.

Kate Pasithea

Part Twelve

The knock on the hotel door makes Dave Edwards leap out of his chair, he’d been lost in his dark thoughts, peering through a gap in the curtains, he’s delighted and relieved to see Ellie standing there and she’s on her own, he can tell she’s been crying, she looks so small, so diminished by whatever has happened.


Part Thirteen

He hadn’t meant to push her that hard so that she hit her head on the rock.  It had just been passion.  The kind Susie stoked in his soul.  The kind that Carla wanted for herself. But he wasn’t enough for Susie.  Carla knew there were others.  She had everything that Carla wanted and still tried for more.

Snake Charmer

Part Fourteen

“You remember the baby that I lost before I settled down with Dave? Well… Fuck…” her shoulders start to tremble as her story spills out of her mouth for the very first time “he never died Billy. He was alive and kicking. I lost myself when he was born, tumbled into deep depression. It is so well spoken about now, but back then it wasn’t, nobody mentioned it. I loved him, but I couldn’t do anything right. “

Barefoot sub

Part Fifteen

“That witch daughter of yours had no right. Seducing my man with her shenanigans.” Carla’s hand went into her coat’s pocket. “I loved watching the life being squeezed out of her.” Before Carla could come at her with whatever she had in her pocket, Sonia grabbed the scissors from the table and plunged them deep into her opponent. 

Liz Black

Part Sixteen

Next morning a squad car picked me up. Dave was already at the station. We sat silently together waiting to be seen. My life seemed to have taken on the script of a soap opera. Who would have thought all this would happen to timid little Ellie? I had no idea what to say to the police. My mind was actually a blank page waiting for someone to write the next part of the story…

May More

Me and the setting

I believe that characters and plots in fiction can be strengthened if you include some truths. Or some real life history. The woods, field and five bar gate in this story are based on my childhood. The house I lived in until I was 12 years old backed on to woods. The field was next door to the house but a care home was built on the site when I was growing up. And the five bar gate – well I used to sit on it and pretend I was riding a horse!

Often Bill and Boo-boo would walk past on their daily walk. Yes, he was part of my childhood too. All the other characters and scenes are make believe.

I have used the wood setting in another story of mine.

I am going to link up this post, the two plot summaries and the list of writers to the main relay page, where all the links are – and then I will say farewell to the fabulous fiction relay – a wonderful project that I could not have done without all of you ;-).

Farewell to the fabulous Fiction Relay

Header image adapted from pixabay.