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Lacy Castle Walls ~ Panties

I can not believe how tired I have been. Exhausted and tearful after weeks of hard work, days of travelling and a few intense social activities.

Thank you to those who have inquired how I am because of my absence on social media and posts. I literally have found it difficult to concentrate for more than ten minutes and have needed to sleep for many hours. And that’s what I have been doing, and reading old books in the sunshine behind my castle walls.

It has left me in a reflective mood and I think I will have to re-think how I spend my time. Hence, you may find me on Twitter less so I can still do what I really like – write for my blog. I always try and reply to some feedback I receive after a post. From now on, I shall be far more interactive in my comments section. So if you leave a comment please pop back when you have time.

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