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Comments, Trolls and Trump

I have been thinking of something to write for Mx Nillin’s September meme project for a few weeks. Now that I host my own meme – Food 4 Thought – along with the lovely Floss, I have cheered all of you who have linked up. It has been wonderful to receive so much support. So naturally, knowing what it feels like to tentatively wait, hoping writers will join in, I wanted to support Mx Nillin with  their month long meme – but I was running out of time and unsure what to write.

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Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for May

Sex blogging Hologram on Wicked Wednesday #280

Holograms are photographs that look realistic. They create the illusion of an image floating above or behind that photo so you can look around it and see it from different angles. However, in order to see the image, your gaze must pass through the virtual object and onto the photograph where it is stored. Put your hand between the photo and the object and the illusion disappears.

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