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Seduced by a real life Limited Edition

Her long shiny, wavy hair was silver-grey and her eyes were the colour of whiskey.

When I was young, my mates and I all wanted that cougar experience – to be seduced by an older woman. Being particularly shy, I was surprised when it happened to me. That may also be why, I have never been able to forget her.

We got chatting in a bar when I was relaxing after a conference at work, and I eagerly went back to her place when invited…

She must have been over fifty — double my age. Her long shiny, wavy hair was silver-grey and her iris the colour of whiskey. She spoke softly, looking directly at me. My cock involuntarily stiffened. In reply, her nipples protruded through her white silk blouse, and the skin around her neckline became rosy.

Everything seemed magnified within the intensity of the moment.

Joining her on the sofa, I wondered if she’d noticed the bulge in my jeans? Our eyes locked — and her generous mouth moved to meet mine.

She opened her legs to welcome my hand as I slid it under her skirt. Bare thighs above stockings, smooth and radiating heat. Pulling her knickers aside, I explored her cunt.

Wet and silky.

At the same time, she freed my cock.

Sitting back, I allowed her skilled and gentle fingers to tease and pull the skin. Before she lowered her mouth and manipulated my shaft with her lips and tongue.

Then, she stopped.

“I want you inside me.”

She wanted me…

Any uncertainty vanished. I’d never desired someone so badly, buttressed by knowing she felt the same.

My shyness disappeared. It seemed as if she’d cast a spell over me.

I was alive, unabashed and confident, assertive for the first time in my life.

She was already leaning over the sofa cushions. Kneeling behind, I lifted her skirt to be greeted by ass cheeks covered in lacy frills. My eyes revelled at the sight. I wanted to prolong this vision but my cock took control. Discarding her panties I nestled my knob at her core and slowly pushed inside. She felt wonderful. Her cunt contracted around my dick, pulling me in further, refusing to let go. Slowly and deliberately, I fucked her. Wanting to savour every, single thrust.

The next morning I left feeling I could conquer the world.

I never saw her again, but now, I am the age she was then, and realise what an incredible gift she gave me that day.

Seduced by a Ltd. Edition

Header Image By Darina Belonogova from Pexels