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The Monster from Coney Island

A few months back, I went over to this guy’s pad for some bondage play. I met him on TiedAndFucked dot com — so I trusted he would deliver. As soon as I walked through the door, he striped me naked and pushed me to my knees.

“Suck it,” he demanded. Which is fine as I didn’t need asking. Com’on, any chick who is a member of T&F is what you’d call an easy bet.

One time, this dude handcuffed me before I even got through the front door. A recipe for disaster, you would think… Turned out rather well, but that’s a story for another day.

OK. Kneeling in front of him I enthusiastically pulled out his rod. But to be honest, it was less of a rod and more curvy, like a snake. A long one too. But I’ve seen all kinds of cock in my time, so without hesitation I clasped my lips around the shaft and began to treat him to my considerable oral talents.

As well as looking a little odd, it smelled like fish and chips, you know the aroma that wafts around seaside towns — fishy and salty rolled into one. Not unpleasant. Just a little strange. I wondered if he’d recently wanked off. That would answer why he wasn’t totally rigid, and jizz is very individual, scent wise. Don’t you find?

His cock got longer and longer while I sucked, until he was literally deep throating me. Told you I have superior oral skills.

After about five minutes, he looked flushed and told me to lay on the bed. He swiftly bound me to each corner, so from above I thought I must have looked like a starfish. Yep. I just couldn’t shake off that ocean scene. But I was happy to be tied up. Now for the fucking I’d anticipated. And I wasn’t wrong!

Right before my eyes, the guy’s groin seem to erupt and five more cocks broke through the skin, growing and undulating as I watched.

His head flopped forward, eyes disappearing into the back of their sockets while the tentacles — cause that’s what they were — began to coil out, across, and around my body.

I’m not easily shocked but it did appear the dude who’d secured me to the bed had morphed into some kind of sea creature without even an apology. I am sure you can understand why I began to scream. Loudly.

Immediately, I was silenced into a pout by the end of one of the tentacles. Then, something wet and slimy entered my mouth. Similar to being French kissed by a vigorous suitor.

I calmed myself by breathing though my nose, before I became distracted by the most girthy appendage swiftly entering my cunt and pumping with vengeance. The pace was remarkable. Even though I was secured to the mattress my torso rode up the bed as a consequence. And still the serpent kiss continued.

My head was bouncing off the bed-board. I felt dazed and began to wonder if I was having a weird lucid dream when another slimmer tentacle snaked around my back and sneaked into my asshole before expanding and filling me competently.

At this point the kisser stopped seducing my lips but began to plummet the depths of my mouth, really putting my deep throating abilities to the test. My whole body was pulsing to the tune of this beast when my endorphins kicked in and the blood began rushing to every nerve cell in my body. I was being stimulated beyond my wildest desire, and the fact the protagonist was not something I recognised, made no difference. I started to convulse and shake as the most intense climax took hold.

The creature’s appendages withdrew and I laid back, satiated, before falling into a deep sleep. I awoke, untied and covered with a blanket. Without checking if the monster from Coney Island was home, I grabbed my clothes and ran.

What a ride. Even though, I didn’t know where the guy originated from or what those tendrils really gained from me, as soon as I went online I made sure to put my membership for T&F on auto-renewal — just in case I got another chance to find out.

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Header Image by M W from Pixabay

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