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A dirty deed or two

Content Notice ~ #DomesticDisharmony, Theft and Sex are contained within this piece of fiction…

Conflicting Thoughts

I can hardly bare to look. My cock is straining against the fabric of my boxers and at odds with the thoughts in my mind. As I raise my eyes to meet her gaze sweat drips onto the lids slightly obscuring the sight before me.  But I force myself to focus on her face. Mouth slightly open, long black hair swaying with the shunting motion of her body as Calum continues his relentless fucking of her arse.

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Naked truth exposed – My Pussy and Me

Naked Truth

There are numerous tasks or activities that can strengthen a couple’s bond. Things they share or do together – things that would be missed if they stopped. Of course there are sexual acts ranging from normal to kinky or even deviant, and household duties – the supermarket shop or cooking a meal together. All these might make you feel more attached to your partner due to the security that ritual provides.

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