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Feminism ~ Thoughts about what it means to be a feminist

The history of feminism goes way back when. Over the years the values behind the movement have changed as the hands of the clock turned. I do not intend to write a political article here. But rather look at different thoughts the modern world has about feminism.

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Holding Hands under the updated Shadow Ban

This will be the third time I have visited the topic of the Twitter shadow ban. And I am unapologetic about that. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment in more ways that one!  But the longer I have been under a constant ban the more I have read and learned about what it entails.

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Adult Photos – Be in the room with me

Adult photos

Photos matter

Adult Photos.

When I was young, about fifteen, a model agency sent me along to a photographer to have some photos taken for my portfolio. I was very naïve and didn’t take any one with me. After the genuine shoot the photographer persuaded me to lower my top, then my bra. All the while snapping away with his camera. He assured me that none of these prints would include my breasts – they were just head and collar bone shots. Young and trusting – I believed him.  A few years later I was found in one of the soft porn magazines that was popular at that time. I was horrified. Today I think back and chuckle at the teenage me. What if social media or the World wide Web had been around in those days? It could have been a lot worse.

Social Media

Nowadays I enjoy seeing photos of my breasts and body in general but I must confess that social media is not my strong point. I have a Twitter account associated with this blog which I do keep up to date. A short while ago I opened a face book account but have not got very far with it. I guess I am a little old fashioned with regards to making “friends” that I am probably never going to meet. However, I know my blog would probably benefit from an associated Instagram account and have that on my “to do “list.

New to my Blog

The pictures in my gallery need to be updated to include more relevant adult photos of me. My man and I have been working with a still camera  whilst doing what comes naturally to us. From the last session, we found both the adult photos  very authentic and I have included them as part of this post. Eventually I will copy them into my gallery and perhaps even get around to opening an Instagram account!

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