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Talking About Fantasies & Pushing Boundaries

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Communication is key…

Talk about your fantasies

How do I tell my partner about my fantasies? I am sure this question has passed across every adult’s mind at some time in a relationship. It is extremely important to be able to express yourself sexually and fulfill your fantasies with your partner, but you can’t just expect them to know what you yearn for unless you’ve discussed it. Communication is paramount in any sexual relationship but particularly so when “kinkier” events are played out. Continue reading Talking About Fantasies & Pushing Boundaries

Exploring Outside Bondage – Hayloft Setting

Wine, Whips and Whispers

What a wonderful setting the hayloft turned out to be when my man and I first began exploring outside bondage together. Here is a real life bondage tale…

Exploring Outside Bondage in the Hayloft

The sun is warm on my back as we sit out on the patio and unwind. I am so thrilled to see him. We have been separated due to work and are spending a few days together away from home. Our relationship, in its present incarnation, is somewhat new and I am feeling so horny towards him!

When he inquires, “want to see the hayloft?” Many thoughts  cross my mind regarding the prospect of exploring bondage in a hayloft of all places. We have talked about BDSM a lot – would this be the day I ask myself?

Continue reading Exploring Outside Bondage – Hayloft Setting