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A to Z 2019 ~ My favourite bits

I posted the A to Z challenge on my projects site.

Most of this post was written about a week ago. Just before both of my sites were shut down by their hosts. They told me that many files in my subdomain were badly infected, with malware, and until I paid to have them cleaned – or did it myself – this site would remain offline.

I’ll go into more detail regarding what happened next in another post – I think it may help other bloggers. But for now, all I will say is I panicked. I need this site live. Earlier on that day I had just published a sponsored post, and the May More profile is very much with this site. I anxiously, sweat building up on my forehead,  asked them to delete my Projects site.

Once Sex Matters was up and running again I attempted to get back some of the contents from the A to Z.  Usually I have a copy of all my work on the lap top hard drive but because I was writing every day I literally wrote the A to Z posts in the wordpress editor.

I have managed to find some online archived pages.  But at this time I have lost letters  A B C D E F M Q R and T – but feel positive I have the others 😉

Now back to the A to Z post

Regarding the A to Z – I am not sure I would do it again. Don’t get me wrong it had its high moments and the discipline of writing every day was very good for me. But because I decided I would write non-fiction posts and share bloggers, my own fiction writing suffered and I do enjoy writing stories.

So on reflection if I joined in another year I would let my posts be far less structured. Maybe a photo one day, a story the next…

Here are a few of favourite bits from my own personal A to Z challenge.

Words – My personal top five

Z ~Zoo

About when my man and I first met and went on a date…

It was a while before he asked me for a proper date. When he did he took me to this gorgeous little theatre to see a play. It was so intimate, something I will never forget.

Read More…


My daughter recently met a member of my birth family for the first time…

Sometimes it is such a small world. Yesterday she was meeting her cousin – my nephew and godson – and his family for the first time. They’d kindly invited her to dinner.

Read More…


The good men from my childhood.

It is a wonder I crept into adulthood with a good view of males. I did even though some of the men who were involved in my young life were simply despicable. But I was blessed with two Uncles Geoff and Tony, who in my eyes gave men a good name.

Read More…


The importance of really listening.

The thing is about really listening is that it makes the other person feel special and that is why it is such an important thing to do. Many people seem to let their mind meander onto other things if the talker speaks for too long.

Read More…

F~Freedom & Fisting

Our ancestors fought for our freedom. It is precious.

My heritage can be traced back to some of the original Romany Gypsies. Before I even knew this I felt an inbuilt need to move around. The only time I stopped was while bringing up my children.

But this cupboard was large enough to be a box bedroom. Right in a far corner, on a shelf was a book. The only possession any one had left behind, on any of the floors.

This post is one of the ten I’ve lost.

Images – My personal top five Slideshow

Plus my header shot of purple sage is one one of my favourite non-erotic images from my challenge.

Sharing A to Z

Everyone did brilliantly in the sex blogging world – though there were not many of us. I’d like to thank Mrs Fever for providing easy to understand directions to the challenge. I found the A to Z site a little confusing.

I also want to share two challenges from our community – for me they stood out…

Julie included some of the history of her blog and I found it fascinating.

Submissy wrote a fictional series that was very real and very hot.

A to Z Reflections


10 thoughts on “A to Z 2019 ~ My favourite bits”

  1. Oh what a massive (unwanted) pain in the bum May! Hope you get your precious data back.
    Ah yes, the A-Z ( seemed like a good idea at the time) challenge! I too started out with a tune in the Air and a Blue bird Chattering on my shoulder; and then letters ran dry. The positive is that I was writing something, the negative was that I was force fitting some stuff that really wasn’t any good or dubious in relationship! Next year, like you, I may mix it up a bit! Love your A-Z.

  2. Ugh I would’ve cried! I’m glad you were able to recover some things, but I know it was nerve wracking in every way.

    Honestly, I’m on the fence about whether I’d participate again. It was a difficult month in general and I struggled be focused. I could’ve used a bit more structure myself. You seemed like you did a good job though. I was impressed with how you managed to cover those 3 topics for each post.

    1. At the end I just covered one thing and a blogger – I should have thought before deciding on writing so much everyday – and I know if i hadn’t of panicked then I would have got the backup but was desperate for this blog not to be down too long x

  3. Very glad all was not lost May. Great to read these pieces again and relive some of the highlights and see some of your excellent photos, of which I never tire. xx

  4. I loved reading your posts and I think your idea, although a lot of work, was really good. I know what you mean. It was so focussed that I felt that there were other things I wanted to wrote and couldn’t. Thank you so much for mentioning my posts too ❤️

  5. Strange about the malware thing — I am not a techie type but to suddenly have multiple files “infected” and then to have your site held hostage sounds so much like scam language… I hope it was legit, and that it is legitimately fixed!

    Michael Knight (Molly Moore’s husband) is who set up my self-hosting for me several years back, and when he did, he installed Wordfence. It’s been really useful for blocking attacks of all varieties; if you don’t have the plugin yet, I’d highly recommend it.

    1. Thanks Feve – i believe it was a scam and will let you know when I write the post about it – I am using wordfence on my main blog – now you have written that I am damn pleased about that 😉

  6. A to Z Challenge looked like A LOT of work, especially the way you did it with multiple parts to each post! I love the photos and snippets you’re sharing here. I didn’t get to see all your A to Z posts so it is very nice to see some highlights. I especially love the bum print, the collar, and the hedge. You have such a range to your photography, as you do in your writing!

    p.s. I’m glad you mentioned your site being down. I had trouble accessing it while I was putting together my Feb Photofest review and now I’m sad that I missed you. I was completely a technical issue and I would like to fix that. And I’m glad you’re back up!

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