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About May More of Sex Matters Blog

About May More ~ I have decided that it is time for a brand new About Me page. You can find the old one here. It goes right back to 2017. Each year I updated it, adding a new section about the year gone by. It served it’s purpose. But now, a new About Me page is warranted.

Who am I? About May More

I am May More. That is my pen name but is very much – me – who I am. Who I have become.

I love writing. Full stop. Fiction, real life, sexy, romantic, dark, serious – you name it I want to do it.  Apart from that, in the past I have been a computer programmer, studied nutrition and remain a Mother, a lover, an author, a friend and of course an individual.

I like to laugh. Drink wine. Eat good food that is cooked from scratch. Suck my man’s cock. And wear my wellies;-)

about May More Wellie Boots Erotic Blog
About May More ~ I like to wear Wellies…

Read more about my past life and loves here

Sex Matters Blog

I started my own blog Sex Matters mid 2016 but didn’t really get to grips with blogging until 2017. I then found myself on a sharp learning curve. Originally I began my site because I wanted to write more and also put across the  message that you owe it to yourself and who ever you love to be true to your sexy, kinky needs.

I still write for the same reason but Sex Matters has evolved. Just as I have. We have grown together.

Now I find writing about all kinds of life topics liberates me.

Reflecting back on my life heals me.

Writing fiction fires me.

And writing about kinky capers with my man energises me.

You will find all these areas on Sex Matters

Not to mention I have a lot of fun with erotic photography which I use to illustrate many of my posts.

Other Projects

This year has really seen me advance and some may say flourish 😉 where other projects are concerned.


I transferred 4Thoughts over to a subdomain on sex matters. Changed the format so it encourages new bloggers, and includes fiction writing. I am proud to say it has gone from strength to strength. Thank you to Kilted Wookie for created such a great meme in the first place and all the writers that get involved each week.

Life Matters

At the start of the year I also developed an adhoc resource meme that is really part of Sex Matters. Indeed, it is aptly named Life Matters. Over the past months the project has looked at all aspects of food, books and personal growth. With money yet to come. A lot of people have got involved and now we have some great links to book lists, recipes and all kinds of things that matter in life.

Blogable Club

I am so happy with my collaboration with Marie and Missy on the wonderful Blogable Club. It is amazing to be involved with friends on a project where we are all bringing different skills to the table. Read about how it came about, or indeed you can listen to us nattering about it. This is a free members site where we will share writing and blogging tips and tricks. Get involved by adding to the information or in the forums. I am very excited about this project as we have lots of great ideas yet to be fleshed out. I do believe we have already created something good.

May More Books

Since this time last year I have published two books on Amazon kindle. The first is an erotic, slightly taboo series I originally wrote for my blog called – The Curse. The second was a weird, wild and wonderful project that came to me at the start of the Lockdown. It is about seven people, writing their lockdown experiences for seven days at the beginning of April. Remember at that point the restrictions were new. We did not know what to make of them and what to expect. An interesting read. You can find both these books here.

Tarot & Relays

I nearly forgot – I read the tarot cards! Hop over to this page to find out what that is all about and consider if you want me to do a reading especially for you. And currently, I am hosting a rather fun mystery fiction relay. We are on part 9 with not many more episodes until the killers will by named and shamed 😉

Challenging 2020

This last year has been a challenge for many different reasons. I think that out of adversity comes opportunity and a chance to really decide who you are, what you want – and where you want to go. Luckily, that was easy for me. I love blogging and helping bloggers. Along with others, that is what I have continued to do. What has been new is that I found other platforms and creations, such as my memes and Blogable, to expand into and continue doing what I like best.

About Me ~ About You

I certainly would not be writing this page About Me if there was not a YOU!

With that in mind I want to mention a few people who have helped me make more of May 😉 .

I want to thank those involved in Seven days in April ~ Jae Lynn, Missy, Posy, His Lordship, MLSlave and Sweetgirl for their time and passion for the endeavor.

I also want to cheer on a few people who have supported me above and beyond right from the start of my journey and continue to do so…

Nero Black. Cousin Pons. Master’s Eye. Elliott Henry. Posy Churchgate. Marie Rebelle. Missy. Jor Adam. Sassy Cat. I appreciate you.

Not to mention all the other online friends I have chatted with or made during the weird year of 2020. If I have given my time to message you, in DM, email or Whats Ap, then I value our contact. After all –

Time is the one thing that costs nothing to give but is valued above money. May More.

Hugs to my wonderful readers who buy me coffee.

Once last thank you to all those who have chosen to sponsor me to write posts for their company or have written sponsored posts for my site over the last year. This kind of outside support helps me to afford to carry on blogging. Check out my sponsored content here.

And in case he reads this – a song all about Time for my man <3

May More October 2020

Like my Work?

Contact me here…

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11 thoughts on “About May More of Sex Matters Blog

  1. Your personality shines through here, May, and I love to be one of the Blogable Babes with you and Missy. It’s wonderful to give back to others what we have learned. Thank you for supporting me through difficult times, and thank you for being the person you are 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thank you Marie for such a lovely comment. It is wonderful to share our knowledge and it has been a great part of my blogging experience getting to know you more

  2. Thank you May for everything you do for the community and you set a good example being so true to yourself, following your dreams and shining light in some of the dark corners.
    I am proud to be your friend, you help me more than can say. It’s been valuable having you as a friend to call on as we take this blogging journey. I appreciate the mention and wish you well on future projects.

    1. I do feel that you and I have very much taken the journey together – and learned together along the way. And I love working with you and knowing you Posy xx

  3. You have such an energy in your writing and this current task to update the about me page is such a good one. I take inspiration from you and our friendship has definitely helped to focus me and push me into new areas. Thank you May – for being you ❤️

  4. Your post looks like a great summary. To some extent, apparently this is so. It seems to me that you are doing well and I wish you further success and prosperity. And don’t stop there. And I listened to the song that you addressed to your man. I liked it and listening to it I think you are happy together.

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