Absolution Accomplished (part 2)

Absolution Accomplished (part 2)

Absolution ~ This story is a collaboration between Cousin Pons and me. Originally published about 18mths ago it has been updated for 4thoughts and fiction prompt of body language and intimacies.

The plot belongs to Cousin Pons and is in two parts.

He writes the tale from Vouvray’s point of view. Then I create my interpretation from Milady’s POV.

It has been great fun to do and please remember when reading it is very tongue in cheek.

Here is the first part from Pons and my interpretation of the first part.

Milady’s Absolution ~ part two

Settling into the comfort of my chamber, I wondered what had possessed me to speak out to Vouvray in such a fanciful way.

I knew he did not possess the authority to hear a confession but what I desired was the closeness such overt, honest admission would surely bring. My body and mind ached for proper companionship. It is unbearable to be blighted with an aged husband. He cannot provide the particular intimacies for which all young women yearn.  Alas, the mere thought of his touch chills my bones.

After straightening my gown and with a quick pinch of my cheeks I entered Vouvray’s room without the courtesy of knocking, hastening to employ a familiarity between us from the first.

As we engaged in conversation I was immediately assured by the natural ease that arose between us.

‘I trust your room is to your liking?’ His voice held a genuine concern.

Sipping my wine any reservations were cast aside, so throwing caution to the wind,

‘It will serve me well… As well as you will, I hope.’

I swooned slightly, surprised by my brazen delivery. My bosom rose in tandem with the increased respiration.

Noticing, he busied himself by drawing the damask curtains.

Continuing, I explained that due to a drought of intimacy I had been reduced to imagining matters of love, leading me to partake of lusty pleasure from my own fair hand.

Vouvray’s glance at me was a mixture of desire and confusion. He stoked the fire as I demonstrated, over my clothes, the depravity I had sunk to and why I needed absolution.

The elicit conversation that ensued led me to caress my breasts to emphasise my immorality.

Eyeing me fixedly and with sincerity lacing his every word he assured me, ‘It is only natural Milady. This is not sinning. This is pleasure.’

absolution accomplished

I felt moisture tease my plump thighs as he placed his mouth on the nape of my neck. There was no hesitation now, we made short work of my robes until I stood in the glow of the fire in simply my chemise, stockings and stays. My heart palpitated as he loosened the ties, causing my ample breasts to topple conveniently into his strong hands. Enthusiastically fondling them before turning his attention to removing a few of his own garments such as a very gaily coloured waistcoat. Then, he pushed me gently back onto the sheets, an urgency underlying his manner. Not without knowledge of carnal practices I provocatively inched up my shift until my sex was before his eyes. Tickling it with his tongue, he momentarily afforded me tinctures of pleasure. Wanton, I pushed my fleshy slit firmly against his mouth and he took full advantage to please me.

We abandoned our remaining garments. I sat on the edge of the bed in anticipation, feigning to avert my gaze, but the sight of his substantial, upstanding manhood did not disappoint. The mere promise of it threw me on to all fours.  Spreading myself open I requested immediate intrusion. I could wait no longer. I needed physical absolution aplenty.

Such pleasure was mine, I gave him licence to make good use of our romp. The bed shook and only stopped when he dismounted and filled my mouth with his instrument. My supple lips massaged and preened until it was as stiff as wood again.

Finally, when it was his time, he anointed my breasts with his fluid and preceded to absolve me completely.  Already inflamed, the centre of my senses required only a little stroking before I brought on that critical ecstasy – writhing and whimpering beneath my own hand.


‘Thank you, my lord, for your unction and your absolution,’

I fell into a deep slumber appeased by the outcome of the evening.

Here is Vouvray’s take on things by Cousin Pons


4Thoughts absolution
Body Language and intimacies ~ #152 ~ Absolution

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13 thoughts on “Absolution Accomplished (part 2)

  1. O Bravo Milady, & bravo Vouvray – your interplay was fantastic, very on point with the language and lusty and bawdy enough to entertain even Nero!! I was enchanted with your transformation May, from a modern miss to the frustrated young woman married to an old, impotent or incapacitated husband. We know nowadays, that self pleasure is a healthy thing and not a sin, but thank goodness she got both satisfaction and absolution.

    I am another fan, who hopes you two authors will collaborate on some fiction again soon!

    1. yes it did – i don’t know why u go to spam as u comment frequently – and I appreciate it – Thanks Cara – I wanted to challenge myself – and Pons gave me a perfect character to work with x

  2. Great writing – your vocabulary is much better than mine! And ‘hot’ too, which is the point of course. Most period erotica is more period than erotica but this was perfect.

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