I can’t help acting on Impulse

I can’t help acting on Impulse

When I first saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday – Impulsive – I actually said to Marie it was made for me.

Am I impulsive?

That is because I have always considered my self impulsive in some way. Viewed it as part of my personality. But I looked up the actual definition of impulsive in the Cambridge dictionary…

showing behaviour in which you do things suddenly without any planning and without considering the effects they may have.

Then I realised that perhaps the word impulsive is not actually completely correct when describing a particular trait of mine. Don’t get me wrong I do occasionally have my sheer impulsive moments, usually when I am angry and can’t process that emotion. Then I think that I will always feel this way. It is as if I can’t put a distance between myself and the way I am feeling so I behave in an impulsive manner.

Last year I really began to recognise this behaviour pattern and vowed to try better as the outcome of such conduct is not advantageous for anybody.

Exploring the Turbulent Adventurer

Acting with out fear ~ On Impulse

I think the phrase that applies to me better is

Doing things without fear or proper thought

And this seems to be what acting on impulse is all about – according to the Cambridge dictionary –

Acting on impulse – A sudden wish to do something

That’s me! I have those wishes aplenty!

There are many times in my life when I have had that kind of feeling – and it made me – well – do something! I will add impulsive behaviour in general reeks of bad things but some good things have come from my sudden wish to do something.

Blogging World.

Many things creatively have been born from me acting on impulse. To name just a few – Blogable, the Fiction Relay and the ebook – Seven days in April.

With these things a matter of hours passed by before the ideas were being discussed with others. They were planned after and many enjoyed/are enjoying my original acts of impulse.

These would been seen as positive impulses.

Life Experiences

I do believe that I have committed a few negative acts of impulse where I certainly thought with my heart and did not consider what would happen next.

‘I do’ becomes ‘I won’t’

One situation I am not at all proud of was when I jilted the eventual father of my kids. I realised I still had strong feelings for Vic so decided I would be behaving in a dishonest way if I went through with the ceremony. Although we stayed together for some time after, my decision did damage our relationship.

One Night Stand

This act of inpulse could have turned out very nastily if the guy had not been so understanding. I mean come on, me and this man were having full blown intercourse and I asked him to stop and pull out. It taught me to never go home with someone on the first date!

Taboo Matters

Meeting my birth family as a young adult was an amazing experience. However, I was not expecting to feel sexually attracted to one of my half siblings. Even though it was clear he felt the same we were sensible enough not to act on this. But something I am quite surprised I did act on – in the moment – was a golden showers experience. Read about both of these here…

Young May

When I was still a child I ran away on the spur of the moment. No planning. I was obviously having problems in my life at the time but I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I simply was trying to remove myself from the situation.

We are taught that the teacher is always right. Here is one time when I was a mere teen but actually put brain into gear and said ‘no’ to the teacher!


Acting on impulse is often viewed as a negative trait. When the actions hurt others unnecessarily in some way then I agree with this. But I do feel there is nothing at all wrong with occasionally taking immediate action on how you feel, taking a few risks and going for what you want. Who knows what great times will be had?


13 thoughts on “I can’t help acting on Impulse

  1. I love your images as well as your stories and the glimpses of your life and thoughts. Impulses are to be indulged if there is no harm, or within bounds. Going out of bounds is where trouble begins. Experience is a tough teacher. Touch a stove once and you try to avoid it again, but it doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. Hopefully it won’t be a catastrophic burn.
    Time to stop commenting and to post something new. Again thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Love it !!! Fascinating following your link-throughs which I obviously missed when they first posted. (Too many life-distractions and too few hours in the day !!!).

    Love your “great times” and journey through Europe. We were hopping on and off Greek ferries in the summer of 1982, Naxos, Paros etc. Amazing if we’d crossed tracks then !!!

    Xxx – K

  3. There is something to be said for those who make a decision on a whim. In my experience, the thinking is what messes things up. lol
    There is a time and place for everything, event he impulses of our desire 🙂

  4. All authors write about understanding the negative consequences of impulsive actions. But at the same time, they say that sometimes everyone, sooner or later, performs any impulsive actions under the influence of external circumstances. In fact, abrupt impulsive actions, accompanied by the release of adrenaline and other hormones in the human body, are an intuitive response aimed at saving the life and the individual here and now. What comes next – comes next. The main thing now is to survive.

  5. Heart felt and thoughtful post as ever. Here is to living in extreme Eckhart Tolle-ian power of now and turning it up to eleven until the neighbors complain. But as you clearly laid out sometimes the impulsive now comes to collect in the ethereal later. This adult-ing stuff is tough. Cheers and Happy New Year MM

  6. First of all, love the photo. Great post May, always enjoy your writing and admire the life you’ve led. I am a lot of things, impulsive is not one. Wish I was a little more so sometimes… Probably missed many opportunities because of my need to think too much.

    1. I disagree a bit – I have read a lot of your words and I think you have been impulsive but in a different way – you have managed to be one of those few people in life who has believed in themselves and their views and their families – not brainwashed – and prioritized these things – that is some kinda impulse in u – not many do it – I salute you!

  7. I agree, sometimes we just need to act on impulse, and have those great times that awaits us. Interesting that you mention your attraction to your half sibling. I have recently heard that new relationship energy happens in situations like this, or for instance when a parent had been kept away from a child and then only meet them in their adulthood. That NRE can be mistaken for something totally different, where those involved have to fight the urge not to cross the line. Interesting concept I definitely want to read more about…
    ~ Marie xox

    1. If you follow that link thru to my other post I think u may find something i wrote for gotn about it. I have wanted to go back and explore as it is a thing – strange but true thing xx

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