Adult Gifts for Grown-up Friends and Family

Adult Gifts for Grown-up Friends and Family

I have been writing on my blog since 2017. When I first ventured into the realm of lifestyle blogging, I thought carefully about who I told about my project. I mean, openly writing about my life, the sex I had, and sometimes testing out a few adult toys, didn’t really seem like proper after dinner conversation.

But those times have changed!

During the lockdown, practically everyone had more time on their hands, which had to be spent indoors and often without that every-ready, friend-with-benefits. If that wasn’t bad enough, the news and general outlook was so dismal that even a sane person began to feel stressed.

So, no sex buddy and feeling the weight of the declining world on their shoulders, many people made the decision to buy wholesale sex toys and help relieve both of these problems in one go.

Suddenly, adult play things were in demand:

“The increase in sex toy market turnover has several implications such as customization of recreational facilities, limitations in alternative sources of pleasure, need to have sex and unavailability of a partner.”

Journal of psychosexual health

As a result, sex toys were kind of popularised. People began shopping online. Buying whatever you wanted became as easy as pie. And everyone loves a good pie! Consumers who had never tried wholesale adult toys made that leap, and people began talking about them, even after dinner. Suddenly my blog was not seen as so risqué.

I noticed the sudden shift to a general acceptance of sex toys when my young adult daughters spoke to me, without my encouragement, about such products. Now it was safe to say it had become acceptable to purchase pleasure giving items – adult gifts – for your grown up friends and family. But of course choosing presents of this nature would need to be done carefully.

Who is the gift for?

First think about who you are buying for. I personally would not gift an adult product to a friend or relative I have never discussed any aspects of sex with. But to be fair, I have always discussed sex a lot with people I know well and even some I hardly know at all!

What occasion is suitable?

Choose the right time to gift a sex toy. For example, I wouldn’t dream of giving one for a baby shower, but for a hen night, anniversary or Valentine’s gift, then this kind of present would work well.

Where family members and friends are concerned, birthdays and Christmas would be fine if you choose the correct type of product.

So once you have decided you want to give someone a sex toy, then go with your gut as to what that should be. Here are a few examples…

Your in-laws:

Your mother-in-law won’t stop talking. You are tired of listening to her voice, and can see your father-in-law is at his wits end. Perhaps some bondage type toys would work here. Maybe he would like to take back some control or simply experience some peace and quiet for a change. The perfect solution would be a ball gag! I am not joking… Try this beginners one for size. It also comes in a variety of colours, so you could pick a shade to match their bedroom.

Sexual fetish accessories adult gifts
Photo by Екатерина Мясоед on

Your younger sister:

If it is her first toy, then steer clear of enormous dildos. A safe bet would be a pretty looking vibrator which works for clitoral stimulation. Perhaps a pink wand vibrator would hit the right spot.

Your best friend:

If you are both women, then this can really be a fun gift to give, as you will probably know each other very well. Which means you can really take the breaks off. How about a large luminous, glowing dildo? This will really light up her sex play, alone or with company.

Products for guys:

The male sex toy market is just starting to catch up with regard to the amount of male toys in comparison with the female market. This is also probably in line with men finally coming to terms with the fact adult products can be a lot of fun. So what to buy your best male buddy, no matter what gender you are yourself? Well, I would say a safe bet would be pussy masturbator cup. They are one of the most popular toys for guys on the market. Great for lonely evenings in or those times he needs relief before taking his hot date out for the night.

Another good gift to consider would be sexy lingerie for the bride to be – both the newly-weds would appreciate such a present.

I think you will agree, there has never been a better time to gift a sex toy. As long as you put some thought into choosing the present, then it is bound to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

The above article is a sponsored post written by me.

Header photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

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  1. We avoided toys for years, always said we don’t need them. Thankfully things change and although we don’t need them, they are a fabulous add on and such fun.
    lilly x

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