Exploring the Turbulent  Adventurer

Exploring the Turbulent Adventurer

The Adventurer, Strengths, Weaknesses & some in between

I have been wondering if it is difficult to assess one’s own strengths and weaknesses?  Over the lockdown I learned a lot of new stuff about myself. I am going to talk about that but also about the results from a psychometric test that has already proved very accurate for some bloggers I know.

A Strength I know I have

I mentioned in my last post for Personal Growth Matters that my primary stance where people and organisations are concerned is one of mis trust. It takes time before I let anything or anyone into my confidence or believe their message. I was always of the opinion that this is not a good way to be. However, I am beginning to think that it has served me and my family well over the years. A healthy bit of caution – I believe is one of my strengths.  Not a conventional one but it does not seem like a weakness to me. Although, I must be careful to let down my barriers for those who deserve my time. I am inclined to think that this takes me longer than it should and can cause relationship problems along the way.

A Weakness I am aware of

In regards to a weakness, during the lock down I was slapped in the face by a major one I now own. It has always been there – except for when I was bringing up my kids – but I wasn’t really wholly aware of it until the restriction of recent months bought it to the forefront.

I have this tendency to live in the present. Today is major for me. If today is great then I am confident tomorrow will be too. This also works the other way around.  I had the most dreadful lock down. I have told many it was the worst time of my life. When things began to get even worse I convinced myself that was it. I felt shit in that moment and did not have the foresight to understand that in a months time I may feel better. This caused me no end of problems. Many times I almost left where I was staying with nowhere else to go. In the moment this irrationality felt rational. Thankfully, I came thru the other side and things are so much better. I feel like myself again.

So with these few points in mind I did the personality test and was shocked at how accurate it turned out to be.

The Test

I was found to be a ISFP-T – which is the Turbulent Adventurer whose role is that of the Explorer and my strategy is one of constant improvement. In a nutshell this means…

Adventurer – I have an open mind when approaching life and new experiences. My ability to stay in the moment helps me uncover exciting potentials. And as I mentioned above I recently learned this about myself so was shocked to see how accurately the test pin pointed this trait. My catch phrase would be, “don’t box me in.” Again another amazing deduction as I only wrote about this aspect of myself a few weeks ago.

The Adventurer is an Explorer – They tend to be self-reliant and quick-thinking. That’s so me. These personality types thrive in unpredictable situations. My job would be impossible to do if i could no cope with the unpredictable. Also, explorers can use their own brand of bravery to free themselves from conventionality and create lives that work for them. This is precisely what my man and I have done.

Constant Improvement – Are often deep individuals who enjoy having their own space and freedom. In general, these personality types feel more comfortable on their own than mixed up in the judgment of the real world. Say no more! I have written about this so many times on my blog.

The report also goes into specific strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few that seem to match.

Strengths – imaginative, passionate curious.

Weaknesses – Unpredictable, fiercely independent, fluctuating self-esteem.

Why not take the test? It is fun and may be enlightening?

Learning and Growing as the Adventurer

The test indicates the adventurer looks to improve. With that in mind I think it’s all very well making a note of your strengths and weaknesses. But that should be just the start. If a person really wants to grow and develop then they need to learn from their list of traits. A person is able to change but they have to know what needs altering first.

After assessing my lockdown I realised how in the moment I live. This makes me extremely flighty and unpredictable. I don’t think I can be nice to be around when I am behaving in such a manner. I have thought about it at length and decided that in future I need go off – alone – with a book and a note pad and write down all the times when I had felt that things were going to be dreadful forever. And make a note of what actually happened. Hopefully this will stop me hurting myself and others by acting up.

My self esteem goes up and down. I think that is quite normal and healthy. I can’t bare over confident people 😉 And as far as my independence is concerned, well, this is a little like my mis trust. I think sometime it is a weakness that can work for me.

In regards to the strengths listed by the test – that I agree with – I must take time to make the most of my imagination in all areas of life. Not just my blog. If I link it in with my curious and passionate nature I am sure both my man and I can think up a good time.

On a more serious note, I do think it is important that a person regularly takes a look at where and who they are. It should be part of a self care routine to take time to try and improve. What is life if as people we stay the same and don’t evolve? It may be a difficult task but often those things that are worthwhile take time and effort to achieve.  

And why the header shot? A strength of mine I haven’t mentioned yet is, I don’t take myself too seriously. Where my images are concerned I like to have a bit of fun. Here are a few more of my images that are evidence of this aspect of my nature. I hope they make you smile.

Personal Growth Matters

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Loony Tune – cartoons – I don’t really get cartoons myself. But I love to laugh and listen to funny things. As I said above I don’t take myself (the May More part) too seriously – and I adore anyone who can make me laugh.

14 thoughts on “Exploring the Turbulent Adventurer

  1. I laughed when I saw the title of your personality type because it struck me as such a prefect fit for you. I think your point about acting on strengths and weaknesses is so important so thank you for that reminder. A great post. I always love to learn more about you 😊

  2. I haven’t done the test you’re all doing but it looks like a variant of the Meyers Briggs which I have done before – I’m an INTJ. Love reading about people’s growth and self discovery.

  3. I love that test, it was so accurate for me. I’m an INFJ-T and it is totally me. It’s great to find yourself in all these little ways!

  4. Personality inventories like this version of Myers-Briggs are helpful in self-reflection, also for couples to find a common language for communication and finding mutual understanding, and for teams or groups to help the individuals move into a broader understanding of all the variety of people in the group. I don’t know if this company’s report on the results includes measures of closeness to and distance from the center median. There is a huge difference in what conclusion one might draw if one is only a wee bit on the I or if one is way way over there as a big I. I have seen that people’s results (How one is described in this inventory’s world) can change as they retake the inventory throughout their life. Sometimes the variation comes from one’s willingness to be open and vulnerable as they read and respond to the choices. If one is fearful or rigid those qualities can skew the person’s reflection in the mirror of the inventory.
    Personal explorations through such inventories and one’s making sense of oneself are important in our journey from pre-womb to post-tomb.

    1. I agree with all of this – you do get the score and for me some were quite narrow – as in I was only turbulent 54 percent – that kind of thing. I do take these things with a pinch of salt but was surprised at how some of the things they said were very similar to stuff I have written about over the last month or so.

  5. I took the test a couple of months ago. I’m a Turbulent Mediator. A few years ago, I was a Turbulent Advocate. I guess Turbulent is the constant haha.

    Have you ever taken the Enneagram test?

  6. I so like that you have done the test, and that it was accurate for you too. I also think we should always continue to grow, to get to know ourselves better to better get through future difficult situations. As for your images, I always enjoy them 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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