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Age is only a Number: Lust in a Hot Climate #2

In part one, Dan takes a lone holiday to Magaluf. He enjoys the atmosphere of a café in town that is owned by an older Scottish couple – Jock’s Place. One night at a special event he gets lucky and enjoys a knee trembling experience with a sexy looking, Mrs Jock, who he thinks must be twice his age.

Age is only a Number

The next morning, I sheepishly went back for breakfast as normal. I saw her straight away. How did I ever perceive her as drab? Yeah, she had her work clothes on. But her smile lit up the room, and her skin was a glorious caramel shade that certainly belied her age.

When Jock came over to serve me, I didn’t know where to look. The night before, I’d shagged his wife. And here he was putting my breakfast on the table. As he handed me the ketchup, he winked and smiled. Walking past his wife, he gave her an affectionate pat on the backside.

Later that day, when I lay on the beach, I couldn’t get Mrs Jock out of my head. I didn’t even know her name. I vowed to remedy this, later the same evening.

As soon as I walked in, she hurried over to serve me. At the same time, I imagined her serving my cock while kneeling between my legs. I inhaled her scent and asked,

“What do they call you?”

“What, you mean apart from the alleyway whore?” She smiled. “Seriously, that’s not something I make a habit of. But I saw the need in your eyes. My name’s Judy. What’s yours?”

“Daniel. Well, Dan, really, and I think you’re gorgeous.”

The compliment slipped out before I could help myself. I felt a bit of an idiot, but Judy smiled so sweetly, I was glad I’d told her. It was the truth anyhow.

My new Australian friends came in and were moving on somewhere else. They asked me to join them but I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

It was quiet at Jock’s, so I spent the evening at the bar chatting to them both as they came and went serving drinks. I learned that Judy was fifty-six, and Jock eight years older. They’d owned the bar for twenty years, and Jock admitted to feeling the strain in recent times. Judy was such a fox. It’s true, age is only a number.

As one day turned into the next, Jock’s conversation took an unexpectedly candid turn

“I love my wife dearly. But she has an insatiable sexual appetite. I just canna keep up with her any more. She told me about what happened wi’ you two the other night. She’s my best friend. We talk about everything.”

I blushed, stuttering some kind of apology.

“No Dan. Don’t be sorry. I am happy you’re here. She needs a wee bit of fun. In fact why don’t you take her up to the apartment right now? It’s pretty quiet tonight and I can manage by myself until closing time.”

He handed me the flat key and called his wife over.

“Judy, take Dan here, up to the apartment and entertain him a bit. Now there’s a good girl.”

With a big smile, she casually slipped her arm through mine and together we climbed the stairs to the flat. Straight away she skipped into the bathroom, reappearing moments later in a scanty négligée. Red and see-through. When she walked over to me, the netted material grazed at her nipples as her boobs bobbed up and down. Without a word, she sat next to me on the sofa and deftly undid the buttons on my 501’s. My prick bounced into her waiting hand, and I sat back and let her skilled fingers work their magic.

Once rock hard, Judy sat astride and carefully lowered herself onto me. This woman knew what she wanted. Manoeuvring herself, she got the angle just right for maximum pleasure. Her back against me, I cupped her full breasts and tweaked the nipples, which felt as hard as my cock. She rode in on a wave of loud moans and yelps. Jock was right. Judy loved sex and I loved giving it to her.

Nearing the end of my trip, I had become hugely fond of both of them.

“I can tell yer in no hurry to get back home, eh Dan?” Jock had guessed.

“It’s a good life you have here, for sure. But isn’t it empty in the winter?” I inquired.

“A wee bit quieter than now, aye, but because of where we are we always get custom. I’m only going ask ye the once. I’m not getting any younger, son. I need help with the business. Stay for a bit. Defer your last year. Judy would love it too. You can have the extension out back as yer own wee pad. What do yer say, Dan?”

Before he had even finished his speech, I was nodding like a dog.

That was ten years ago. Never went back to Durham. I’ve bought into the business now. I expect one day it will be mine. And I don’t get bored. The local scene has provided me with some interesting entertainment — let’s just say I have made a few friends. But I’m always happy to come back to the bar.

Jock is still going strong. But with me at the helm, he gets to take a bit of time off. Does a little fishing. Yeah, it’s a great life here and Judy’s still as hot as ever. In fact, she’s taught me a thing or two about making the most of Shagaluf. But that’s a story for next time, when I will tell you all about Maria.

To be continued…

Age is only a Number appeared first on my Medium Profile, as part of a two episode series. I am sharing it here in four parts, each published on a Saturday and linked to Wicked Wednesday and Erotic Fiction Deluxe. However, if you are impatient, you can continue the next episode here…

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