April 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

April 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

April 2019 has gone in a flash – being involved in the A to Z blogging challenge does that to you.

The posts were published on my Projects site and some were quite rushed. It was a challenge and it felt like one. I’m going to write a post about it in the near future, which will contain its own SoSS shares.

My April Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

The most read post from my archives was The Past Smell of Men.

Because I posted almost everyday on my sub-domain I only managed to put out seven posts on this site in April 2019. But I am pleased with them all really.

The most popular with the readers and sharers, was also my favourite. It is a dirty little flash entitled Sixty Nine Steps. Many of you also really liked Vincent about an old friend of mine.

Writing Elsewhere

The past month has seen more of my work being published elsewhere. Although obviously the whole process of writing  and then the stories actually getting published can take time. Needless to say they were written earlier but came to life this month.

Anyhow. I am very pleased with all of them.

  •  In my last article I looked at what to do if your man loves to jizz on your face and you just don’t like it!
  • This was my third erotic story for Bellesa. The site has such amazing sexy content. I am always really excited when one of my tales is published. The Taste of Honey is the sexiest of the three. I didn’t tell Bellesa but my man always beta reads my work. When he’d finished reading this one he told me to get on my knees!
  • I am new to Frolic Me but enjoying my association with them. This month their magazine posted my article about the submissive lifestyle. Once again many thanks to Missy for letting me explore this with her.

My Images

This month all my images were published on my other blog. This one is my favourite. As I said I will do a summary of the whole month which will include images.

This one is from V is for

April 2019 May More
My man is grabbing at the front of the chemise

April 2019 Sharing SoSS

As far as I am concerned this photo from KP blew all other images I saw over the month out of the ball park – excuse the pun.

April 2019
Copyright Kinky and Perky

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health Sharing April 2019

I am really enjoying being involved with #sb4mh. Each month I do like to share a few posts from the meme. I have to say, because of the subject matter, some of these entries are simply amazing. Thanks to all who have linked up this month. Here are a few that really got my attention.

Please check them out…

  • Sweets last line in her personal story really hit home – No Child Should Have To Live in Fear…
  • Posy has suffered from anxiety in the past and learned a lot about it. She writes an informative post about the symptoms and relief. I have added it to the site’s resource page.
  • I found this utterly fascinating. About child abuse and sexuality by Deviant Succubus.
  • This is a wonderful piece of prose about her personal journey with mental health from Kisungura.
  • Jo Henry Wolf talks about alcohol and depression and why drinking is a problem if you suffer from depression.

Other writing that has caught my attention this month.

  • If you are trying to make money from your blog  Smutlancer is the site is for you. This post about emails was really helpful as I do have a good email list and am tired of relying on social media.
  • Interesting read from Melody.  Sexual harassment does not just happen to us gals.
  • The Uninvisibility Project is something you should have a look at. Particularly if you are an older woman. Have a read of this – Our very own Eye.

That’s all this month. These summary/sharing posts take a lot of time if you would like to support me and buy me a coffee/wine then that would be swell!

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