April, the Fool on the Hill ~ Short Story

April, the Fool on the Hill ~ Short Story

Many people seem to depict the fool as some kind of idiot or a person who is lacking in skills and such like.

As a tarot reader I prefer to envisage the fool in the way the cards perceive the character:

The fool wants to embrace their beautiful, carefree spirit, and allow themselves  to connect to the energy around them. The fool acknowledges fear but will do it anyway! The Fool will venture into the unknown, trusting that the Universe will escort them along the way. 

It is this kind of fool my flash fiction tale is about… I think, on occasions, I am such a fool!

April is no fool

“April, just lay still. That’s right. Perfect angle to see the few hairs shadowing your mons. Good girl.”

I obeyed him. He’d called me a good girl so I lay back in a semi-swoon while he set up the camera on the tripod.

The wooden slats had been warmed by the sun and my butt cushioned me from any discomfort. I really thought I could drift off as I heard the clicks from the canon immortalizing my image. The setting he’d chosen for the photo shoot was a area of deserted play equipment way up on a hill behind the village. There used to be a farm shop near by but it had closed down years ago. The parents would park the kids here and shop in peace. But time moves on without thought or purpose.


But I was thinking and did have a purpose. We were alone up here. Each time he took my photo I wanted him more. Somehow he managed to transform me into a desirable object and I liked that. Today I had decided to repay him. My lips around his cock. His mouth on my breasts, nibbling and tasting the slight perspiration left from the heat of the sun light. I had it all planned and simply had to wait until the photo session was over.

Finally the snapping of the camera ceased. It was my turn to take the lead. Sitting up I threw my legs over the edge of the platform. My intention was to give him prime sight of my full breasts, the brightness of the day illuminating the supple flesh. Waiting for him.

Hang on… I shield my eyes with my hand and look at the sight before me. For a brief moment shock shoots through my core, but then all embarrassment fades and instead my cunt contracts slightly. I wriggle my arse on the wood and my thighs open, just a bit, and I am sure I can smell my arousal.

Smiling he shouts out, “April, we want you to be our fool, on the hill.”

There he is standing – naked – along side Phil and Ben. All three erect and waiting, their cocks pulsing in the sunlight – and I’m sure I’m foolish enough to trust in the universe and embrace the unknown!

“Where do you want me.” I reply.

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18 thoughts on “April, the Fool on the Hill ~ Short Story

  1. I loved this May. I especially like that moment when she sat up ready to do one thing and then was thrown into something different. I also liked that you defined the term fool. It is a pity when things become lost so lovely that you highlighted the meaning behind the term. We all need more fool. Missy x

  2. I loved the light tough you used telling this story. You showed us how the camera was seeing April, and that was a clever touch, and it was nice to be in touch with April’s anticipation, even though things are going quite how she’d planned.

    1. Interesting to me that u said i showed how the camera was seeing April – on all of my stories I see them unfolding from the outside – like i am a camera viewing a new scene/shot – and I write what i see

      1. Interesting indeed, because when I’m writing, if I see it in front of me like watching a film, then I know my writing is going well!

  3. Oh yes, jump into the unknown and have the best experience of your life… sounds like a good thing to me. Love this flash fiction, May, and I really like the description of the fools card!
    ~ Marie xox

  4. Yes, the fool is not an idiot, for the fool was who the king allowed to tell him anything or to remind him he was not perfect.

    The fool is a carefree soul…
    Oh to be the fool on the hill….

    Loved it!

    1. Thanks Liz – it was just told around my image really and that I was high up – like on a hill and the fool is on the hill- but the fool is not always foolish – there is my thinking pattern lol
      May xx

  5. Love this May! Also love it when the fool card comes up in a reading and reminds me that I can be carefree and, afraid yes, but daring enough to do it anyway. This story works perfectly and I certainly appreciate the use of my given name 😉

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